Friday, May 04, 2012

Obama's Debt to Abortion Shapes Chen's Fate

The Obama administration has hired Planned Parenthood's spokesman for a communications position that will likely involve hot-button issues like abortion and contraception.
Tait Sye has accepted a job with the Department of Health and Human Services after heading the organization's press office for four years, Politico reported Friday afternoon. The job involves assisting with communications for the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. April 20, 2012 - while Hillary Clinton and Timmy Geitner were packing for the trip to Red China.

"I felt great pressure to leave." - Chen Guangcheng

I'll bet you did. Can you imagine the pressure the Obama White House had been under from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, SEIU and the national abortion lobby of our Progressive Dowager Class?

President Obama has played Chen in the same way that he had as a Springfield, Illinois State Senator.  Barack H. Obama took the path most taken by millennium Democrats - the path of least resistance to abortion.

I listened to and read the words on many commentators, pundits, spokesmen and spin-merchants since last week's heroic flight by the blind Chinese Abortion Foe to the sanctuary of the United States Embassy in Red China.   They spoke of the delicate balance and nuanced brinkmanship of our stripped-britches pros, Hillary Clinton and tax-cheat Timmy Geitner as they brokered loans from the Red Chinese and asked for more post-election "flexibility and patience" from Putin in selling Poland and the Czech Republic down the Yangtze. No one mentioned that American resolve and foreign policy is determined by Planned Parenthood.

Chen Guangcheng  ran to the United States - to the United States Embassy.  In no time at all the AP crowed that Hillary Clinton scored concessions for the dissident.  Within hours, that narrative shifted.  It continues to shift.

This Chinese dissident is not your standard issue, DNC approved, stand in front of a Commie tank rebel rouser. Chen Guangcheng fights Red China's Abortion Mandate.  He is a blind but wild eyed Pro Lifer! Mr. Chen is on the wrong side of "War on Women."

If you really want to know how Chen Guangcheng , his wildly endangered  family, friends and fellow dissidents will face the future, ask the White House for its e-mails, phone records, visitor lists and scheduled meetings with Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood, NARL, NOW, or any one of abortion industry Dowagers.

Mr. Chen, I believe that President Obama will, or should, "feel great pressure to leave."


cathy said...

Hey -- I thought it was all about a woman's right to choose...

cathy said...

Hey -- I thought it was all about a woman's right to choose...