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Schmich and Awwwwww! Pulitzer Howitzer Mary Schmich Fires at Mitres


To say that the Catholic Church is not a democracy is to state its very nature: for Catholic believers, it is the institution founded by God to implement His will on earth. For those who believe this, it is the end of the discussion. If you do not believe this, why be interested in what the church thinks or says about anything?
An interesting aspect of these discussions is the way selective interpretations of the Second Vatican Council – which the Association of Catholic Priests, for example, claims as its principal inspiration and motivation – are employed to consider matters relating to the church as though to a political party. John Waters Irish Times April 20, 2012
The sisters are stunned by the news, sad, weary, worried.
And, for public purposes, they are mostly silent. . Pulitzer Possessor Mary Schmich

It seems nuns got stunned when Pope Benedict XVI and the lads in Pope City told Catholic Nuns here in the States that they are on the wrong side of issues, as far as the Church teachings are concerned.  Some nuns prefer the Progressive, NPR, DNC, and Secular doctrines which demand abortion, that women be ordained priests and the call for a general absolution of all same-gender sexual dalliances.  Not a huge head-scratcher that, let alone a stunner
Navy S.E.A.Ls shoot Osamas and Somalii pirates without a reference to the M.K. Gandhi rules of engagement. I am sure that if some S.E.A.L.s were stunned to learn that killing is their vocation, they would be referred to the H & R folks at GreenPeace.
Not stunning.

I was no where near stunned with the news that Chicago Tribune columnist and Brenda Starr narrator Mary Schmich won a Pulitzer.  Mary Schmick was cited because  "Schmich's stories resonated with readers and won over the Pulitzer jury, which cited her "wide range of down-to-earth columns that reflect the character and capture the culture of her famed city."
I always thought that of Mary Schmich as the Kathy-half of the Tribune's Eric & Kathy Show - Eric Zorn being the Eric half - you know, those e-mail terms of endearment and just plain NPR fun engagement?
Mary Schmich grabbed a Pulitzer.  God bless her.
President Obama grabbed Nobel Peace Prize after his apology tour and beer summit with a cop, because "Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future." I am not stunned when a no bid contract to a Canadian rail car company that buys wheels made in China gets a limited bit of attention, while Chicago media  wets its britches over the dead blond kid with the sport coat flipped over his shoulder, because the guy who punched him dead has Clout DNA.
The Chicago Tribune editorial board and its columnists like Eric Zorn and the always laughable religion writer Manya Brachear are firing shots at Catholics in order to keep our heads down and mouths shut.  Manya produced an idiotic report of faux outrage and a possible tax-suit against Peoria's Catholic Bishop Jenky who preached about the continued war on Faith from the Obama regime.  Manya hooked up with Huffington Post columnist and veteran Democratic operative who happens to be the regional head of the Anti-Defamation League and no less a goofball than the Rev. Barry Lynn, a mainline Bill Moyers approved parser on matters of Faith and government.
When Manya's dribblings were laughed to depths of the Trib's cyber pages, the deep thinkers trotted out a Pulitzer howitzer to fire at mitres!
Schmich and awwww!
I am only stunned when I bring home left over carrot cake from Gibson's and open the fridge to learn that it escaped my son's gullet.
Stunned nuns are a whole nuther kettle of smelt.
Let's see who's stunned . . . "Please don't quote me," one Chicago nun said after she shared her feelings Friday. "Please don't quote me."  Stunning.
Yet, again!  "It's not cowardice," said another, asking not to be named. Un-named stunned nuns.  
In Pulitzer worthy balance. Ms. Schmich names an un-stunned nun:
Not all nuns feel that way. Sister Anne Flanagan, who belongs to the Daughters of St. Paul, thinks the Vatican has a point.
"It's a signal of how important religious women are to the ministry of the church," she said. "The Vatican is saying get back on track on some of these issues; don't lose the value of what you're doing for the sake of a dream."
She admits she's in a minority
That said our 2012 Pulitzer Proprietress quotes Sr. Donna Quinn, who is more responsible for media attention than any one nun by with her helping Planned Parenthood murder more Illinois babies and bragging about it. Schmick quotes Quinn from an earlier pronouncement about condemning the Church that houses, feeds and insures Sister Quinn.

As Sister Donna Quinn of Chicago was quoted saying recently, "You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube."
Now, that's Schmich and Awwwwww with a huge layer of WTF??????????????

You follow?

Me neither.  We don't get stunned much unless we hang around with septuagenarian contrarian nuns and when we find that left-over piece of Gibson's carrot-cake somehow escaped the maw of our twenty something sons and daughters.

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