Sunday, April 01, 2012

Explaining ObamaCare and the HHS Abortion Mandate

When life needs a guide-book, there is no better source for context or compelling narrative to ease one through the twisted maze than poetry. The Song of Solomon, The Pslams, Essay on Man, Paradise Lost, Absolam and Achitophel, Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot have helped me at times. When that failed, I generally turned to prayer (real poetry) and if that failed, I did some yard work or scrubbed out the shower stall. Poetry generally works.

It is tough to get one's head around the Obama Administration - regime more accurately - and its insistence upon group think and the Constitution.

However, only the poet Adam Rex seems to have his delicate fingers on the pulse political and fully explains the nature and intent of the Obama Regime and Big Government itself.

When Frankenstein
prepared to dine
on ham-and-cheese on wheat,
he found, instead,
he had no bread
(or mustard, cheese, or meat).
What could he do?
He thought it through
until his brain was sore,
And thought he ought
to see what he could
borrow from next door...
Rex 2006

Eureka! Dominus in caelo, e quis!

Read this poem and then apply the principles of criticism - Deconstruction(Jacques Derrida, Paul de Man), Marxist -Gender -Inclination, or Queer Theory , Structuralist Linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure, as you choose.

Dusty old me, I cling to the New Criticism of the hillybilly theorists -Johnny Crowe Ransom and believe that words matter and a 12-gauge splatters!

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