Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smile! We Are ALL on Rahm-DidYou Camera! The Brake Jobs to Follow Are on You Too!

" I am going to Federalize all school cameras, Rahm. Just kidding, Bro."

Some people want to know exactly who is the private source for infrastructure up-grades in Rahm's Baby Chicago Urban Center. You is. Rahm's not going to hit up his brother and the Hollywood Crowd for Chicago. Nor is going to wet-his beak with

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flo... $5,602,356 0
California Hospital Association $20,700 1
Pfizer $9,201,771 15
Pacific Life $2,507,838 0
Zignego $3,000 0
Southern Wine and Spirits $852,060 0
California and Nevada Credit Union ... $67,230 4
International Association of Machin... $12,662,976 31
Merck $6,021,759 10
Habush, Habush & Rottier $120,900 0

Because he's saving them to wall paper his White House Dreams.

Nope. Rahm's Private Sources is Us Helots.
Yep, only last week we heard more about the Bombardier Boondoggle handled by serial job-jumper Forrest Claypool. He was more worried about Bus and train drivers taking a Pee Break, than he was about Bad Brakes. Claypool's New Rail Cars! The same group of deep thinkers wasted millions on Chinese train-wheels that don't work. Thank Forrest Claypool - just put it on our bill. Can't Wait!

The Rahm DidYou Camera ordinance states that speeders going 6-10 miles an hour over the posted Schools and Parks Speed limits can expect a $35 ticket and those going 11 or more miles an hour over the same will get an openning bid of $100.Can't Wait!

Rahm's Robo-Revnue All Seeing Eyes will blink with laser speed between the hours of 7AM to 7PM, or ( now, get this, citizen) until the parks close. Ever drive north on Western Ave. from Blue Island? Well from 119th Street to 83th Street one had better take the pooches off everything but the brake. You got St. Walter's, and the big old park behind and along that school; Kennedy Park just north of 115th Street and then St. Cajetan's to the Beverly Art Center which house Plaid Academy and other little schools at 111th, followed by Clissold Elementary, Cresent Park, and we are not even close to 103rd Street let alone the east west streets. Revenue$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Can't Wait!

Ever go north on Loomis from 79th Street through Englewood? Grammars schools aplenty and Parks up the ying-yang! Sherman, Ogden, Hamilton Parks. Are Boulevards considered Parks? Bet they are. Going either west, or east on 55th/ Garfield Boulevard between the lake front and Midway, buckets of dough. Can't Wait!

What the ordinance doesn't point out is that there are many places where three, four or even five schools and parks fall within the same one-eighth-mile radius. While the city took some of those overlapping zones into account, under the approved scenario, it is still possible the mayor's plan could cover nearly half the city.

Aldermen will be notified where the cameras will go in their wards but won't be able to block them. Alderman blanched at the idea of giving up local control. They have long enjoyed wide latitude to approve or deny projects within their wards.

Your car brakes are going to get the work-out of a lifetime and you and the Midas Man are going to get very close. Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes, Drums and Pads! Can't Wait!

I don't know how many little guys will be saved by Rahm DidYou Camera, but you got did. Drive like a fatman walks. Can't Wait!

This is ObamaCare that won't be voted away in 2012.

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