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Waffen SS Veteran Günter Grass, Nobel Laureate Wants to Get the Jews He Missed

That's Nobel Laureate and Waffen SS Gunter Grass on the right sporting the Swastika - note the absence of gun to his head.

“Why do I only say now, aged and with my last ink: the atomic power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace?” Günter Grass Nobel Laureate and Waffen SS

I read Günter Grass when my high school English teacher, Jerry Rohm, said "If you ever want to read some self-serving bullshit, read Günter Grass." I read the Danziger Trilogoy - it was no Studs Lonigan.

It was post WWII plea kopping - " I was just serving." A youthful indiscretion, like the late House Speaker Robert Byrd's Klan-a-copia ( D. WV).

The Yeah, Butters will demand " How about the Pope?"

Young Pope Benedict was conscripted into a Flak ( anti-aircraft) unit at the tail end of the war. Günter Grass joined the elite of eugenics minded Aryan killers - the Waffen SS.

The Tin Drum was about a maniacal kid who believed that he was completely spiritually evolved at birth and joined a NAZI USO showband of dwarfs, fell in love, twice, became a famous jazz drummer and went nuts. It is tailor-made for intellectual frauds and loaded with obscurantist images and 'who's to say' nonsense about actions and obligations. Two others are lousy reads.

Here is the poem that will be touted and sung by Jew hating parsers:

What Must Be Said

Why do I stay silent, conceal for too long
What clearly is and has been
Practiced in war games, at the end of which we as survivors
Are at best footnotes.

It is the alleged right to first strike
That could annihilate the Iranian people--
Enslaved by a loud-mouth
And guided to organized jubilation--
Because in their territory,
It is suspected, a bomb is being built

Yet why do I forbid myself
To name that other country
In which, for years, even if secretly,
There has been a growing nuclear potential at hand
But beyond control, because no testing is available?

The universal concealment of these facts,
To which my silence subordinated itself,
I sense as incriminating lies
And force--the punishment is promised
As soon as it is ignored;
The verdict of "anti-Semitism" is familiar.

Now, though, because in my country
Which from time to time has sought and confronted
The very crime
That is without compare
In turn on a purely commercial basis, if also
With nimble lips calling it a reparation, declares
A further U-boat should be delivered to Israel,
Whose specialty consists of guiding all-destroying warheads to where the existence
Of a single atomic bomb is unproven,
But through fear of what may be conclusive,
I say what must be said.

Why though have I stayed silent until now?
Because I think my origin,
Which has never been affected by this obliterating flaw,
Forbids this fact to be expected as pronounced truth
Of the country of Israel, to which I am bound
And wish to stay bound.

Why do I say only now,
Aged and with my last ink,
That the nuclear power of Israel endangers
The already fragile world peace?
Because it must be said
What even tomorrow may be too late to say;
Also because we--as Germans burdened enough--
Could be the suppliers to a crime
That is foreseeable, wherefore our complicity
Could not be redeemed through any of the usual excuses.

And granted: I am silent no longer
Because I am tired of the hypocrisy
Of the West; in addition to which it is to be hoped
That this will free many from silence,
Prompt the perpetrator of the recognized danger
To renounce violence and
Likewise insist
That an unhindered and permanent control
Of the Israeli nuclear potential
And the Iranian nuclear sites
Be authorized through an international agency
Of the governments of both countries.

Only this way are all, the Israelis and Palestinians,
Even more, all people, that in this
Region occupied by mania
Live cheek by jowl among enemies,
In the end also to help us.
(empases my own)

Poetry? If you like polemics, I suppose.

I joined the Knights of Columbus, as a Catholic committed to my Church and also the discount on draft beer and later The Moose, in order to dine at the Kankakee County Moose for the absolute greatest prime rib or walleye in three counties. I am ashamed of my motives always ulterior, but certainly not the company I kept.

Günter Grass' bought the program. Only God knows what he did as a Waffen SS 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg. 10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg was comprised of conscripts drawn from volunteers - Herr Grass had already tried to join the Kriedsmarine's submarine force.

In contrast, Pope Bendicte, the very same age as Herr Grass, by the way -
Following his 14th birthday in 1941, Ratzinger was conscripted into the Hitler Youth—as membership was required by law for all 14-year-old German boys after December 1939—but was an unenthusiastic member who refused to attend meetings, according to his brother. In 1941, one of Ratzinger's cousins, a 14-year-old boy with Down syndrome, was taken away by the Nazi regime and killed during the Action T4 campaign of Nazi eugenics.

In 1943, while still in seminary, he was drafted into the German anti-aircraft corps as Luftwaffenhelfer (air force child soldier). Ratzinger then trained in the German infantry. As the Allied front drew closer to his post in 1945, he deserted back to his family's home in Traunstein after his unit had ceased to exist, just as American troops established their headquarters in the Ratzinger household. As a German soldier, he was put in a POW camp but was released a few months later at the end of the war in the summer of 1945. He reentered the seminary, along with his brother Georg, in November of that year.

The disturbing thing is that the Nobel Laureate was comfortable with the left-wing intellectuals who so violently hate Israel and hold Jews in contempt.

His poem is no more than a Horst-Wessel-Lied (song) for Al Qaida and Hamas and fashionable anti-semites of the left.

Originally, the name Karl der Große (Charlemagne) was used for some time in 1943, but French volunteers in the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS used Charlemagne (33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French)), so the honor title Frundsberg was chosen, which refers to 16th Century German landsknecht commander Georg von Frundsberg.
The division was mainly formed from conscripts and it first saw action at Tarnopol in April 1944. It took part in the rescue of German troops cut off in the Kamianets-Podilskyi pocket.
It was then sent to Normandy to counter the Allied landings. It and its "twin" Division, the 9th SS Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen, played an important part in holding the British Forces back in Normandy, particularly during Operation Epsom.
It retreated into Belgium before being sent to rest near Arnhem where they soon had to fight the Allied parachute assault during Operation Market Garden at Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, at which time it, along with the 9th SS Panzer, constituted the II SS Panzer Corps.
After rebuilding it fought in the Alsace in January 1945 before being sent to the Eastern Front where it fought against the Red Army in Pomerania and later in Saxony.
Encircled at the Halbe Pocket, the division took heavy losses but managed to break out of the encirclement and retreated through Moritzburg before reaching the area of Teplice in Czechoslovakia at the end of the war. At this location, the division surrendered to the Soviet Army.

Günter Grass

In August 2006, German writer and Nobel laureate Günter Grass admitted to having been an assistant tank gunner with the division after having been conscripted into the Waffen-SS at the age of 17 in November 1944. As Grass had always been an outspoken critic of Germany's treatment of its Nazi past, his surprise admission caused a great stir in the press.

Not really. The New Yorker LOVED it! Fabulous! (click my post title.

In 1969, Jerry Rohm told a bunch of Catholic high school students that the best way to sniff out bullshit, was to put it right under your nose.

Grass was piled with bullshit in 1969, and still reeks of it.

Parsing and killing history, is an easy path to killing Jews.

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