Wednesday, April 11, 2012

These Billboards Tell It All - Life Begins With Conception and Abortion Ends Lives

Normally, I hate billboards. Billboards sell stuff we do not need, generally speaking - Kathy & Eric, Hennessy VSOP, Pay-day Loans, Hot Babes on Poles.

Yesterday, as is my wont and obligation, I got in the Malibu to go to Harte & Sons Printing in Oak Lawn, and Rescigno's in Hickory Hills, Illinois about issues with our Spring 21st Century Leo Mailing.

Both destinations require a trip on 87th Street West and I was delighted to see the three billboards above posted by folks who have tried to convince too many Americans that abortion is no more than murder for the sake of convenience. These billboards are not the intrusive or shocking representations of the horror that is abortion, but actual teaching exercises in the Facts of Life - Conception is Life. The photos are eye-grabbing and sweet and also instructive. I noticed these wonderful teaching aids between Morgan Street and Cicero Ave. on 87th Street.

I believe that they will do some good, but the just might be misplaced, as they seem to be preaching to the choirs. 87Th Street cuts through African American, Hispanic and white ethnic Catholic neighborhoods of breeders - families with lots of kids.

Perhaps these might better serve the cause of Life by being posted in more affluent neighborhoods, or in close proximity to college campuses.

Blacks, Mexicans and white ethnic Catholics tend to welcome children. I know my block is loaded with little guys and so are all of the blocks several miles from 108th Street.

Who demands abortion? People inconvenienced by a Life.

Sadly, college age girls away from their parents for the first times in their lives -The majority -- 56 percent -- of women who terminate their pregnancies are in their twenties. Teenagers between 15 and 19 make up 19 percent of abortions, although this percentage has dropped substantially in recent years. ( Guttmacher Institute* no less).

Academics tend to be all for abortion, sadly, and young people are encouraged to believe that a conceived person is mere tissue.

I hope that more such billboards find great signage opportunities on all the roads leading to and from America's colleges and universities, as it just might be the only lesson our kids might learn that life is precious and begins with an act of love.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Leo Man Dick Walsh, founder and President of Americans for Life, came up with the trump to make this all possible.

*Abortion Stats

Age of Mother Percentage
Less than 15 0.4%
15-19 17%
20-24 32.6%
25-29 24.1%
30-34 14.2%
35-39 8.9%
40+ 3.2%
Marital Status
Married 17%
Separate/Divorced/Widowed 15.6%
Never Married 72%
Race of Mother
White 36%
Black 30%
Hispanic 25%
Other Races 9%
Religion of Mother
Protestant 37%
Catholic 28%
Other 35%
Prior Pregnancies
Previous Abortion and Birth 36%
None 27%
Previous Birth 25%
Previous Abortion 12%

Source: Guttmacher Institute, 2011, August. Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States.

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