Friday, April 20, 2012

Ted's as Okay as Jesse - Secret Service Says.

Ted Nugent got a clean bill of health and welfare from the agents of United States Secret Service. Thought he would.
The St. Viator Class of 1967 Alumnus, better known as the Detroit City Mad Man, Bow Hunter, Activist, Guitar Hero, and guy who cares not for President Obama came under the eye of the Secret Service following remarks that he made at the NRA convention last week. Ted said, that he would "dead or in jail" were President Obama to manage to squeak out a win this coming November 6, 2012.

In 2008, while under the watchful eye of the U.S. Secret Service, during the waning days of the GW Bush Administration, Presidential Candidate Obama was verbally threatened with castration at the hands of Rev. Jesse Jackson.
O Tempora, O Mores! - The Times and What We Call a Crime

Some people's words matter under the Obama Regime. Catholics, Mormons, religious Jews and bunches of Christians are suspect, because the Obama regime has attacked Religious Liberty. The HHS Mandate is only the most recent assault. Last May Well, Ted's not a threat. Thanks be to God; evidently neither is Rev. Jesse Jackson.

President Obama's NLRB stripped St. Xavier University of its Catholic identity, in order to make sure that SEIU received its 2008 payback and insure its robust, loud and monied support this 2012. St. Xavier University sits in a heavily Catholic and once traditionally Democratic blue collar neighborhood filled with cops, foremen, nurses, skilled tradesmen, and professionals.

Many Catholics, including your humble servant, worry that the Obama Regime's secular agenda will cause people to choose between their religious liberty and some time in the joint. I might be, what's the word 'nuts'?, but so do some very educated, sophisticated and thoughtful people like Cardinal George and all of the Catholic Bishops of America.

Ted Nugent spoke his mind and was visited by the Men in Black.

Jesse Jackson's mouth is as perpetually in motion as a Duck's Rump and he went on another tax-payer freebie to chat up NATO and chow down on rows of eats, foreign and domestic, with Illinois's Planned Parenthood-owned and operated Governor Pat Quinn.

Facta Non Verba - Deeds not words.

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