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Savage Bullying of Teens - Fully Funded and Progressive Approved

Nobody bullies like like a bully, who deeply and passionately believes that he has been bullied - a little corporal in Vienna, who avoided tobacco, alcohol, and bullets during WWI, found his art and lifestyle to be a laughing-stock to jeering Jews and callous Catholics and effeminate critics.  It got better.

He went on to pen a world-wide best-seller about his personal struggle and became a transcendent post-political world leader.

It gets better, unless one and others  happen to be au contraire. One can almost hear the smartly turned-out jack-booted progressive voices -Sie, nach rechts! Sie nach links!

Dan Savage* is a Chicago boy who tells one and all that his lifestyle has made him feel that he was somehow outre; well, different, conspicuously, or grossly unconventional or unusual. Dan is homosexual. For that,  Dan Savage has told every carbon foot-print within earshot, or the ability to read that he suffered from bullies.

The only human being, about whom I have some empirical knowledge, never bullied on this earth might possibly have been Swannie (circa - 1950-Present?)  Swanie lived at 75th Pl. & Honore Street two houses south of the tracks. He bullied me, Al McFarland, Terry Smith, Larry Fiscelli, Jimmy & Leo Shea, my brother Whitey, the Lutherans Dave and Danny Krieger, The Hamilton Dairy drivers, Brother Sloane from Leo,  the Two Mike Kellys, the Railroad Dicks, the Cops from Gresham, the Mercy Nuns, Clara Barton Grammar School, Msgr. Stephan McMahon, my Dad and his six brothers, the late Moose Skowron, three shifts at Donahue Steel on Damen, three shifts at Rheem water heater over by the Old Mill on the north side of the tracks, generations of Norway rats, stray dogs, and wild onions. Swannie-Invictus, intacta, et improviso

Jesus was Bullied, Moses was Bullied, St. Paul was Bullied, Oscar Wilde both bullied and was Bullied, Ho Chi Minh was Bullied - hell, he was a dish-washer in a French restaurant, Mao was bullied, and even George Sanders was bullied . . .I think.

I hate bullies.  Having been bullied I tried to be one myself  and had my ass kicked wholesomely - not worth the trouble or the accompanying shame.

Bullies hate being confronted.  I hectored, not bullied mind you, the sweet, smart, lovely and talented Tamara Holder due to my misunderstanding of her work in expunging criminal records. Ms. Holder set me straight and that is not reverse bullying.  Ms. Holder gave me what for with the facts; we be friends. Ms. Holder holds what some would call Progressive points of view.  I value my Catholic, anti-abortion, tribal, close-knit ethnic, pro-real labor beliefs.  We believe in truths; we are not truth itself; that is bullying.

This is bullying and it is fully approved by the media, government and our current Justice Department**.

A few months ago, It seems to me that in order to clear the way for Rep. Greg Harris' Homosexual Marriage Campaign in Illinois, media types took shots at the Catholic Church and Catholics because of its and their Belief that Marriage is between a Man and a Woman, because a man and woman can procreate - breed, have children.

No less a bully than Neil Steinberg chastised Catholic High Schools for not sending students to see a play at the Steppenwolf Theatre that celebrated a gay girl bullied at a Catholic School.

Mesdames et Messieurs, Notre intimident peu idiot, Neil!

          Catholic schools avoid Steppenwolf play on gay student bullied — at Catholic school

Most schools have some kind of anti-bullying program, though — since schools don’t like to acknowledge the existence of sex, either (parents tend to go crazy) — most of those programs don’t actually discuss sexuality, even though half of school bullying is against kids who are either gay or seen as gay. Neil Steinberg March 6, 2012 6:24PM

Gee, and everybody loves Wagner! The opera guy!  Wagner gave that little smokes and booze free vegan Viennese corporal paper-hanger the spirit and juice to show everyone that It Gets Better!

Why does Israel bully Old Dead Dick Wagner and not allow his tunes ( His music is better than it sounds - Mark Twain, a huge American bully) to get play ?

Must be something in Bible.

 *Dan Savage was born to William and Judy Savage in Chicago, Illinois.[6] He is of Irish ancestry.[7] The third of four children,[6] Savage was raised as a Roman Catholicand attended Quigley Preparatory Seminary North, which he has described as "a Catholic high school in Chicago for boys thinking of becoming priests."[8] Though Savage has stated that he is now "a wishy-washy agnostic" and an atheist,[9] he has said that he still considers himself "culturally Catholic."[8][10]Savage attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he studied theater and history.[6] As a theater director, Savage (working under the name "Keenan Hollahan") was a founder of Seattle's Greek Active Theater.[10] Much of the group's work has been queer recontextualizations of classic works, such as a tragicomicMacbeth with both the title character and Lady Macbeth played by performers of the opposite sex. In March 2001, he directed his own Egguus at Consolidated Works, a parody of Peter Shaffer's 1973 play Equus which exchanged a fixation on horses for a fixation on chickens. Savage has not directed, produced, or performed in any productions since a 2003 production of Letters from the Earth, also at Consolidated Works, his trimmed version of Mark Twain's The Diary of Adam and Eve, which received scathing reviews, including one from his own paper, "My Boss's Show Stinks".[11]Savage and his husband, Terry, have one adopted son, D.J.,[12] and were married in Vancouver, BC in 2005.[13][14]

** ARLINGTON — Hundreds of Texas educators, politicians and LGBT activists attended the White House LGBT Conference on Safe Schools and Communities to hear about the Obama administration’s efforts to fight bullying and prevent hate crimes and to discuss local progress. [...]
Holder said the administration has “created a record we can all be proud of” in terms of protecting LGBT rights and “a sense of momentum that today we stand poised to build upon.”
“This morning I’m proud to join you in affirming a very simple truth and renewing this administration’s commitment, as well as my own, to an essential idea that no one, no one, deserves to be bullied, harassed or victimized because of who they are, how they worship or, and hear it when I say it now, or who they love,” Holder said.
Holder said the “It Gets Better” campaign is more than a slogan, but something the administration is backing up with “robust action,” like the five-year settlement with the Anoka-Hennepin school district reached March 5.

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glad said...

You were able to mention famous people that had been bullied. It only shows that after what others did to them their perseverance to succeed is very strong. But I know that not all victims are like them, there are those that give up easily and even take their own life. Let us not allow bullies to hurt our family.