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A Snob Dealt With - It is all about me, afterall.

Above all, I never knew a man of letters ASHAMED OF HIS PROFESSION. Those who know us, know what an affectionate and brotherly spirit there is among us all. Sometimes one of us rises in the world: we never attack him or sneer at him under those circumstances, but rejoice to a man at his success. If Jones dines with a lord, Smith never says Jones is a courtier and cringer. Nor, on the other hand, does Jones, who is in the habit of frequenting the society of great people, give himself any airs on account of the company he keeps; but will leave a duke's arm in Pall Mall to come over and speak to poor Brown, the young penny-a-liner.

That sense of equality and fraternity amongst authors has always struck me as one of the most amiable characteristics of the class. It is because we know and respect each other, that the world respects us so much; that we hold such a good position in society, and demean ourselves so irreproachably when there.
Wm. M. Thackeray - The Book fo Snobs: CHAPTER XVI—ON LITERARY SNOBS

Snob - great word and useful. Snobbery, comes from a condition recognized, if not discovered in 18th Century Britain and cataloged by William Makepeace Thackery.

Thackeray was born in Calcutta, India where his father was member of the East India Company which had its own colonial army, distinct from the regular crown forces. Thackeray's Pa, like any good public servant in colonial service vigorously looting the natural and human resources of another civilization, died of diseases brought on by his luxurious position in civil service - drink, gluttony and God knows what else.

Pa Thackeray left his infant son and handsome young bride a pile of loot to take back to Old Blightey. The boy was a 1%-er and to that manner born, became a self-absorbed waster who ended his brilliant career Cambridge University due to blowing all the Crowns, pounds and guineas Pa ripped off in India.

The now destitute young Bill, an amiable young chap accustomed to fine food, good wine, snappy attire and company above his station realized that his sins and misdemeanors were not because of his childhood without a Dad to guide him onto Honor's path, nor an intrinsic evil, nor the blame of anyone but himself and his vanity which made him a SNOB.

A Snob, Thackeray diagnosed to be anyone who meanly admires mean things. Mean is the opposite of honorable, or virtuous living. One is mean if one envies, hates, or ignores his fellow man in general. More specifically it can be identified in the decisions and attitudes taken in life that Balkanize human society.

Thus, if someone were asked to meet another person and eventually introduce that person to one in his, or social circle and had explained that 'She is a lawyer, school board board member, an exquisitly beautiful, sweet-tempered and great hearted woman who appears regularly on FOX television as legal analyst, only be answered with 'I Hate Fox and never watch it; No; not interestested' - that person might be a snob.

If you were to ignore the very fine writing, wit and considered opinion of, say Don Rose, because that worthy holds very radical views on justice, law and politics, you might only be a snob, but a dope who misses out on the chance to engage a truly honest and clever person who challenges your assumptions.

If what you hold to be the really important - be-all-and end-all - anythings that can be answered with an honest and firm " Well, so what." (statement not a question) You are a snob.

" I only watch Public Television!" So What.
" I do own a television!" So What.
" It is spelled Xoyndare, but prounced Corriander Uh,huh.
" I never watch NPR!" So, What.
" I won the Pulitzer!" So, What. So does Eugene Robinson.
" They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!" So What
" I shared a pearl onion with Edgar Buchanan!" So What.
" I never had an Abortion!" I am a male.
" I never cut my own grass!" So, What.
" Did I mention my Dinner with Andre . . .Dawson?" So What
" I am the War on Women!" So, What.
" I'm South Side Irish!" So What.
" I'm as God Made Me!" Me too and her and him and them over thar - So What.
" Groucho told me . . ." So What.
" I never wear under wear!" Please, do.
" This my Uterus!" This is Blade Saxon, Baby!
" I never watch the Simpsons!" So, What.
" I drink only imported beer! So What.
" I know Bill Kurtis -personally!" So, What.
" I'm an Atheist; Honest to God!" So, What.
" I only attend Tridentine Latin Mass!" So What.
" I'm Billy Dec!" So, What.
" Summer's Eve is about empowerment, changing the way women may think of the
the brand( of Douche), and removing longstanding stigmas…” SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
" I never vote straight ticket!" So What.
" I live in Beverly!" So What.
" I went to Colgate" So What.
" I'm Sodium Free!" Pat Hickey, your servant.
" I brush with Colgate!" So What.
" I made it on my own!" So What.
" I have tertiaty cancer!" Sorry. God keep you and So What.
" I'm Vegan!!" So What.
" I married Mitt Romney!" Hi, Ann.
" I'm Chris Matthews!" So What!

Did I mention that I am the author of two books, hundreds of articles, book reviews an essays and a blog?

EVERYBODY, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Max Weismann said...

". . . and if I say again that the greatest good of man is daily to
converse about virtue, and all that concerning which you hear me
examining myself and others, and that the life which is unexamined
is not worth living - that you are still less likely to believe.
And yet what I say is true, although a thing of which it is hard
for me to persuade you."
--Plato's Socrates