Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer Summit- Duck Jimmy! "Not Bud White! I Said Bud Light!"

President Obama will drink Bud Light at the Thursday meeting with the African-American professor and white police officer who got in a dust-up earlier this month. Press secretary Robert Gibbs just made the announcement to the press pool on Air Force One

Absolute crap beer for an absolute Bullshit moment. This fine Teaching moment on race( brought to you by the Jackson Family Budweiser Distributorship) , like Obama's Philadelphia Thigh Tingler, where Reverend Wright's idiocies became America's problem, because Young Barry dug his creed, is pure bullshit and yet another nuanced way to avoid a problem of his own making for Barack Obama - not President Obama - Barack Obama - the guy who can not admit a mistake.

Picking Bud Light over a real classy American beer is a just and fitting metaphor. Sgt. Crowley is toast going into, quaffing Bud Light* and coming away from this Race Baiting Tune-up. Sgt. Jimmy Crowley is no Bud White** . . . and I kind of liked that character; so would Professor Gates, when bad guys come a calling.

* Bud Light would gag a maggot.


Crim of the Dunes said...

Right on, bro--

Sgt Crowley may be up for a medal--this stupid dustup he got caught in may help rescue us from gummint doctoring. Skol to that one!

BillyFish said...

Like the PYTHONS always said. " American beer is like making love in a canoe.... "

LL said...

Bud Light?

It figures that Obama would serve panther piss.

pathickey said...

L Squared - I too found that choice of beverage to be most disconcerting.