Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catch "Kid Houlihan" Tonight! Jack Desmond's Pub 6 P.M. Sharp! Not 6:20 Get Me?

As a child he rarely washed his hands, but did exhibit an early interest in literature...His mother would replace the Playboy magazines she found under his mattress with holy cards...which resulted in a Pavlovian response whenever the lad opened a prayer book.

Chicago Renaissance Man Mike Houlihan brings his 2009 Stimulus Package to the South Side!

1. Mental Health Reform - A Serious Case Study

2. A Woman's Right to Choose - any number of gents with pints in their mitts and mortal sins the size of Wyoming

3. Energy Independence - depending upon how tired the start of the week made you feel

Join Houli this Thursday night (July 16) at

Jack Desmond's Irish Pub in Chicago Ridge at

6pm, 10339 South Ridgeland, for some stand-up comedy and more hooliganism!

Keep up with Mike writing for The Irish American News

The bartender listened to the old carney all night complaining about his crappy job.
What line of work are you in, pal?
I follow the elephants in the parade with my shovel.
Ever think about quitting?
What? And give up show business!

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