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Carol Marin says, "Then again, Chris Kennedy has no need to please anyone but himself." La Dee Dah; La Dee Dah! Remember the Fogartys?

Self-boiled icon and perpetual news raker, Carol Marin is testing the temperature of the Illinois Political bathtub before Chris Kennedy puts a tootsie into it! Senator, or Governor, or something.

Carol has tested the water before and to sweet effect for Carol. Remember the Fogartys? They did not do too well, but then again, they are not icons. Carol be an Icon.

That's nice. In 1995, Carol did the heavy lifting for an ambitious Fed when she sat in front of the cameras at Channel Five (5) NBC and ran with rumor that made her the icon she be today! Remember the Langert murders. Boy, I do. I know the two lovely people, Mary and Chris Fogarty. who were framed with the Langert Murders. Even People Magazine called it a rumor.

At 4 P.M. Nancy's father went to the town house and discovered their bodies lying faceup in the basement. Richard had been handcuffed and shot in the back of the head. Nancy had been shot in the elbow, side and stomach. With her finger, she had tried to scrawl a message in blood. At first, rumors circulated that the letters spelled IRA. Later, police concluded that the message was a heart next to the letter U.,,20113567,00

Well, Carol went national with that story shoved up under her pixie-nose by an ambitious FBI agent hell-bent on proving that the IRA ( Irish Republican Army) had elderly hit-teams working out of Northern Irish Aid. Carol was cool about it.

Victim's Blood said "Ira" which is nice ( must be the IRA!)but . . .turns out the blood was monkeyed with and would have spelled BIRA - David Bira, the whack-job kid who actually murdered the young couple with an FBI agent's missing service weapon. Yikes!

Nevertheless, the Fogartys were subjected to arrest and trials,which wiped out their savings. Lah Dee Dah! Carol became the icon she be. Here is what Chris Fogarty has to say:

CORRUPT NEWS MEDIA personified by TV anchorwoman Carol Marin in my case, abetted the MI5/FBI criminals the same way they abetted the Omagh perpetrators - by blaming it on the RIRA and, by extension, McKevitt. Within days of the Langert massacre Buckley got Marin to announce on prime-time network TV that “the IRA are linked to Langert murders.” When I phoned her the next day to learn the basis for her “scoop,’ she told me that her source was “an FBI agent.” When I asked her how she had met her responsibility to verify it she said she had not done so but had accepted the uncorroborated word of the FBI. She never issued a correction; and the rest of the news media parroted her lies.

Also, Carol's work was mentioned by the best selling author of Michael Collins, The Man who Made Ireland and the definitive work on the modern history of the Irish Republican Army The IRA Click the link here for Tim Pat Coogan's account of Carol's work to smear a Chicago immigrant couple.

Shucks, I'm no icon, but I know that Carol Marin has never once apologized to the Fogartys.

Once the Fogartys, Chris and Mary, had their lives turned up down, Carol Marin became the icon she be! WTTW Sun Times, NBC you name it and Carol icons it! She be huge!

Illinois is about the size of Ireland. Chris Kennedy could pay for it; however, he will spend to him a Senate seat.

I don't have a dog in this fight. Alexi, nice kid -bad press. Dan Hynes? Wouldn't know the guy if I rode the Archer bus with him from Bobak's to State Street.

The GOP seems stuck with Mark Kirk and will blow its toes off . . .AGAIN! If they were smart, and they ain't, they'd get behind Dr. Eric Wallace, an African American academic and religious leader, who actually knows that Illinois 57 runs north and south. I doubt very much that Chris Kennedy has ever taken that flat route, much less stopped off in Gilman for biscuits and gravy or had a prime rib at Russ and Rosie's in Chebanse. No way, Ray!

Lura Lynn Ryan, one of kindest and finest women in Illinois was treated to Carol's smarmy smile,when it seemed certain that Governor George Ryan would be convicted. Chris Kennedy, it gets colder than week old Chowder in November, when one's fortunes go south, or when Carol sees a ripe opportunity to go Iconic.

Well, anyway. Chris Kennedy has Carol testing the Illinois water it seems. It's gonna be Ice Cold, Dude. Colder than a mother-in-law's kiss . . .Or Carol's smile.

There's alot that I have posted on Carol Marin and the Fogartys.

Here's more:

The one place lawmen apparently did not pay enough attention to was the town of Winnetka itself. But at the community's highly regarded New Trier Township High School, senior David Biro, 17, a lanky honor student known for his biting sarcasm and perverse humor, mockingly bragged to classmates that he had shot the Langerts. Accustomed to Biro's frequent claims that he was a hired assassin, drug dealer and street-gang member, most of his fellow students did not take him seriously. Finally, however, one of Biro's schoolmates decided that there was more to the boy's claims than mere braggadocio. Early last month he told Winnetka police what Biro had been saying. Investigators listened closely, since Biro had mentioned details of the murders that had never been publicly released.

It wasn't the first time Biro had caught the eye of police. According to friends—all of Biro's acquaintances cited in this article have insisted on anonymity since they are potential court witnesses—he was admitted to Charter Barclay, a psychiatric hospital in Chicago, three years ago after reportedly trying to poison his parents, brother and sister with tainted milk. Since then he had been stopped by police for a series of minor infractions. When the high school informant told police of Biro's claims of involvement in the Langert killings, investigators recalled that Biro had been spotted, wearing black clothing, near the murder scene on the night of the slayings.

On Oct. 5, the day after police learned of his boasting, Biro was taken into custody for questioning as he left his parents' three-story stucco home. After police searches of his bedroom uncovered items, including a glass cutter, handcuffs and a .357 Magnum revolver, that had been stolen from the office of Biro's former lawyer, the teenager was charged with first-degree murder of Richard Langert and his pregnant wife, Nancy, and the intentional homicide of their unborn child. A .357 Magnum can fire the type of .38-caliber bullets used in the murders, and while law enforcement officials have revealed few details of their investigation, they say they are confident that the .357 Magnum and other items taken from Biro will link him to the murders. Biro is being held at the Cook County jail without bail, awaiting his Nov. 21 arraignment.

Biro's arrest has bewildered the community and left everyone, including the police, wondering why a child of privilege might have committed such a crime. Drawings and writings recovered from his room have led police to consult with ritual-crime experts to determine whether Biro may have dabbled in destructive occult beliefs. His closest friends wonder if Biro may have been "pushed or dared" into committing a crime as a street-gang initiation—or whether he might have killed the Langerts at the behest of someone else.

Some classmates say Biro was driven, as one acquaintance put it, "to test his limits." A red notebook, found in his room by police, contained underlined news articles about the murders, including a magazine story in which an attorney for Nancy Langert's sister observed, "I bet if they ever do catch the culprit it will turn out to be some local teenager." Says one girl: "If [Biro] did do it, it's because he wanted to commit the perfect crime. Dave viewed everything as an intellectual challenge, and he may have been too smart for his own good."

One question remains: Why the Langerts? Though Biro's parents were casually acquainted with Nancy Langert's parents, police admit they are puzzled about the nature of the relationship—if any—between Biro and his alleged victims. Although the teenager accompanied his mother to the Langerts' funeral, police say there is no evidence he knew them before the night that their paths may have fatally crossed.,,20113567,00.html

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