Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mayor Mike Bloomberg's Remake of "Stagecoach?"

1939 Trailer of John Ford's Classic StagecoachDanger holds the reins as the devil cracks the whip ! Desperate men ! Frontier women ! Rising above their pasts in a West corrupted by violence and gun-fire !


2009 Trailer for New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's Stagecoach . . .

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg defended a city program to send homeless families out of New York on planes, trains and buses on Wednesday, saying it “saves the taxpayers of New York City an enormous amount of money.”

Speaking in the Blue Room in City Hall to announce a new finance commissioner, Mr. Bloomberg was asked if the program simply shifts the homelessness program to a different place, as some critics of the program have suggested.

“I don’t know, when they get to the other places, whether they find jobs,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “It may be an easier place for them. If we don’t — we either have two choices. We can do this program or pay an enormous amount of money daily to provide housing.”

It costs the city about $36,000 a year to provide shelter for a homeless family. The average stay in shelter is about nine months.

This bothers me no end. John Donahue died caring for Chicago's Homeless. Leo Boxing Coach/Lawyer Mike Joyce took in an aged, homeless black WWII hero and Boxing Legend Herman Mills to keep him from the street. Big Shoulders Fund targets scholarships for homeless kids. Catholic Charities is open on 79th Street Streeet & Racine providing food and supplies to homeless and impoverished families. Catholic Mercy Homes care for kids no else will care for and I have taught and worked with homeless kids all of my career as a teacher.

The ACLU hates the American Catholic Church to the marrow and takes every legal twist and turn to undo all the good that American Catholics provide to America's poor. The ACLU no doubt is thighs a tingle over Mike The Progressive Bloomberg's new production of Stagecoach.

If this is the New Empathy - Progressive Program Driven - God Help this country. Oh, that's right, the New Empathy is Godless.

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BillyFish said...

Nothing new. The 20 years I lived in Colorado happened all the time. Vail would give them tickets to Grand Junction. We would put them on the bus for Vegas. Exporting New Yorkers? We were hoping to come up with a plan to make all New Yorkers move back!