Friday, July 24, 2009

Griffith Meat Market - Family Business/Public Treasure

Few things in life make one more happy than bargains. Good work is never cheap and cheap work is never good.

I have been buying meat from Griffith Meat Market in Griffith, Indiana,since 1994. Griffith is a beautiful little town south of Interstate 80 off of Cline Avenue, just two exits east of Hammond, Indiana. My family lived there from 1994, until 1998. We bought our meat from the family owned Griffith Meat Market on Glen Park. When my wife Mary died in 1998, I moved the kids to the south side of Chicago, but continued to buy the $123.00 package.

This package of meats takes great care of the Family Hickey and my kids eat like they are going to the chair.

10 Lbs. Chicken Breasts
08 Lbs. Ground Beef
04 Lbs. Sirloin Steak
03 Lbs Pork Loin Roast
03 Lbs Chuck Roast
02 Lbs Strip Steak
02 Lbs Beef Stew
02 Lbs.Polish Sausage
02 Lbs.Italian Sausage
02 Lbs. Breakfast Farmer Sausage
02 Lbs.Bratwurst
01 Lb. Ham Steak

Griffith Meat Market
507 E Glen Park Ave
Griffith, IN 46319-2321
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The meat is of exceptional quality. Do make a quick trip to Griffith, IN.

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