Monday, July 20, 2009

Steve Rhodes - True Wit - To Wit Blago the Twit!

True wit is Nature to advantage dress'd,
What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd.
-- Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
-- Essay on Criticism, Part ii, Line 97

The Media freak show continues on the WLS Airwaves with disgraced Governor Blago yapping away for pay. ( click my post title)

Pay to Play! Then WLS gets all Harrumphing about the State of the State of Illinois and tosses the Gatecrasher of Illinois more Dog Yummies. " Gee, you mean, if we keep starving and beating this pitbull puppy and making it wear a twenty Pound weight around its little neck, that it could possibly bite someone? For Real?"

Oh, yeah! Giving Blago radio time is very much like wearing a porkchop suit to a huge dog fight. Great idea!

Steve Rhodes, a real journalist with a wide context of human understanding and rich and varied frame of reference, skewers the Tossed Twit Guv and also gets in a very accurate shot at the Sun Times - the soon to be bankrupt rag that pretends to matter. STNG- The Chicago Standard for Rock Solid Hypocrisy!

Noted budget expert Rod Blagojevich took to the airwaves (again) on Sunday to advise state lawmakers on solving the state's fiscal crisis -- as adeptly as he handled the public till during his six years as governor.

He did not give advice on how not to get impeached.

Among his ideas: privatize the state lottery - which the U.S. Department of Justice have pretty much determined would be illegal.

But this isn't about what's good for the state, it's about what's good for Rod Blagojevich.

WLS-AM is once again giving Blagojevich a platform from which to spin his legal defense and build sympathy for his poor beleagured self. . . . Blago seems to be following the advice given him by Sun-Times editorial page editor Tom McNamee:

1. Pander.

2. Bully

3. Demonize

4. Distort the truth

5. Make stuff up

6. Forsake all intellectual honesty

Six for six.

At least Blago's good at something.

True ease in writing comes from art and not chance, like wearing a belt and not losing your pants.

Well, done Rhodes Old Man!

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