Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rep. Lipinski Caves in - Votes for the Catastrophic Cap and Trade Bill

Dan Lipinski was given his Congressional Seat by his Dad - Dan Lipinski defeated a boiled beet Progressive John Sullivan and a genuine Man of the People -Honest John Kelly ( who gave Carol Marin the Hose Knot of a lifetime with his 'straightforward' answers to smarmy and snobby questions) in the Democratic Primary. Once in Congress Lipinski faded into the wallpaper. Now, Dan joined Republican Mark Kirk to betray Illinois on this most dangerous and gutless vote.

These two elected goofs need to go. Mark Kirk is a Republican and thinks that he'' make a swell Senator - Mark, we already have two lightweights in the U.S. Senate -Durbin and Burris - all filled up here! Kirk's MSNBC-friendly nose nuzzle showed Illinois what his presence in Washington is worth. Dan Lipinski decided that playing ball against his constituents is Okay - it ain't Congressman.
You 'killed the job' as they say in the Trades.

Dan Lipinski represents a very traditional Democratic base - people described as blue-collar, Catholic, anti-Abortion, anti-tax Democrats.

Dan Lipinski took the path of least resistance. Dan Lipinski voted for the most dangerous piece of legislation to the American Way of Life ever crafted - The Cap and Trade Bill. Dan Lipinski allowed his rump to be padded against the Progressive Loudmouths and Purple T-shirt howlers. This was a close vote in a very sheepish U.S. House of Representatives that is driven by the Media and the special interests Planned Parenthood, ACLU, SEIU, ACORN and the balance of the Acronym pantheon of activists.

Dan bleeted with this flock of beauties.

Illinois is represented by two Locked Up Senators - Dithering Dick Durbin and Roland Burris. They are Cap and Trade Teammates.

Dan Lipinksi betrayed my neighbors. I do not believe that Dan Lipinki could name three people from his District (3rd) to begin with - Dan sold them out, anyway.

In the United States, the House of Representative climate bill, approved by a 219-212 vote Friday evening (see list below), would mandate that 15% of the nation's electricity come from renewable sources such as wind and solar power by 2020, potentially expanding the market and profit potential for companies in those sectors. Towards that goal, it seeks to boost nascent industries such as wind-generated electricity and solar power.

Last March this article by R. Emmett Tyrell laid out the facts of Cap and Trade:

Cap-and-trade has been tried in Europe by the signers of the Kyoto Protocol and according to the Heritage Foundation's Ben Lieberman, "Nearly every European country participating has higher emissions today than when the treaty was first signed in 1992. ... emissions in many of these nations are actually rising faster than in the United States." Yet perhaps the Obama administration has its eye on something other than limiting emissions. Possibly it sees cap-and-trade as a great way to gain control of still more of the private sector.

As mentioned above, the huge amount of money mulcted from the private sector and handed over to the public sector has got to please every collectivist in the White House. Moreover there is the huge bureaucracy that will have to be set up to oversee cap-and-trade.

Those of us who have followed the economic crisis and the Ponzi schemes of Bernard Madoff are familiar with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If the administration's climate legislation is passed, we shall have the Cap and Trade Commission (CAP). It will be vast.

To begin with, CAP's agents will have to go to every factory and office building and presumably even public buildings and decide their allowable amount of emissions. That is to say, their cap.

Next the agency will auction off and oversee the sale of the documents that certify emissions allowances. Call them coupons. Then the agency will have to monitor the exchange of these allowances and the ownership. Finally the agency will have to monitor compliance and presumably punish those who fail to comply.

In this setup there will be countless opportunities for corruption as polluters try to bribe CAP's agents, or the agents try to elicit bribes. As with the SEC, there will be incompetence and lax enforcement. Finally, there will be senators and members of the House of Representatives making special pleadings for corporations in their regions, labor unions, special pleaders of all sorts.

Finally, there is the economics of the legislation. It will take $2 trillion from the private sector and dump it into the public sector. That is to say, a large tax on the private sector will transfer money to the public sector. So how is the private sector to grow itself out of this recession? The administration's answer is that the government will return the money to worthy endeavors, health care, green technology - again still more opportunities for corruption and for special favors to pleading solons and numas on Capitol Hill. ( emphasis my own)

The Prophet Obama was very disturbed recently when asked if he was a socialist. Socialism is government control of the means of producing and distributing goods and services. What I have just described is a powerful instrumentality toward socialism. Along with Cap-and-Trade, the Obama administration is calling for a sufficient number of these instrumentalities to socialism that by the next election the United States will be very close to being a socialist state.

Dan Lipinki needs to be voted out. I hope a real Democrat steps up and soon.

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