Friday, February 09, 2018

Prediction - Watch for Chicago Media News Blackout on Jeanne Ives for Governor

I was struck this early morning, by two things

  1.  The general lack of snow accumulated, thus far, in the 'biggest storm of our times'
  2. The complete absence of news, opinion, screeds and vaping in either daily rag for this hick -burg concerning anything related to Jeanne Ives, Candidate for Illinois Governor.
What do this portend?

One never knows, do one? - to quote the great Fats Waller.

One might opine that Jeanne Ives' ad, which blew every other campaign for governor into the cheap seats, gave the feisty Mom of Five from the School on the Hudson River more name recognition in Cook County, Illinois and the good old USA than a fat man calling up Blago, or a Governor hiding with abortionists. Every one is talking about Jeanne Ives and that must stop, according to the wallets of Illinois. 

Nota Bene!

  • Both papers compete for the coveted 5-6 things You Need to Know About Snow scoop. List makers are almost as pathetic as bullet point artistes.
  • The Sun Times tries to make a case for Progressive Boy Toy Dan Biss, now that we learn JB Pritzker insulted black politicians on tape while trolling for Blago's attention and Obama's Senate Seat
  • The Tribune is busy buttressing Pritzker's sorry butt with a howler from the always ridiculous Eric Zorn
  • Medill's Nativist turned Progressive image took another harpoon - this time for screwing women instead of police officers

No news about the news making, won't-back-down candidate for Illinois Governor!

Sneedless to say, the Big Money (SEIU/Eychaner/Personal PAC et al) called both editorial boards and said - " No News is Great News, as far as Jeanne Ives is concerned.

What is this?  A war on the only woman in the race?  Gender selectivity?  Come on gals, get them rolling pins and hair pins out!

I expect that both fish-wrappers will find no room for Jeanne Ives with the exception of the forthright and tough John Kass.  No one tells him what to write and he is keeping the Tribune afloat. 

Cancel your subscriptions, until we see all the news that's fit to print - you know, like Jeanne Ive's Policy Revolution

Jeanne Ives has the plutocrats running like scald-ed rats.  Image result for chicago rats running

Here's some great news!

IRISH FOR IVES, join us Monday March 5th from 5-7PM at Reilly's Daughter, 4010 West 111thStreet in Oak Lawn. Jeanne is the real deal! IRISH FOR IVES!

Bring the kids!


Bill Baar said...

Nice post Par

John Powers said...

Lazy media or in the bag media? They seem to like Dan Biss.