Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sun Times Also Endorses Governor "I'm Not in Charge!" Jeanne Ives Must be Surging!

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As we say, had Ives not entered the race, we might have had a tough time endorsing Rauner. With a handful of exceptions, we believe he has been a failure as governor, and he has only himself to blame. He promised what he could not deliver. Sun Times Endorsement of Bruce Rauner

"This is a pivotal, once-in-a-generation election where you can change the trajectory of this state. But trust me, it’s either, we’re going all in for a taxpayer revolution, or you’re going to see the slow going-out-of-business sale here in the state of Illinois.” Jeanne Ives in  Bureau County News

Don't that make your blue eyes brown, Bruce?

Both Chicago papers endorsed the Cook County oligarchy's place-holder Governor Bruce Rauner.
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Jeanne Ives, according to the Sun Times editorial board geniuses, is not 'compassionate' and her supporters are bully voters. Identity politics is stuck on stupid and the news media will not move the information dial to the facts.

Cadre demographics keeps the ink wet, but does not do much to level the playing field for people who work for a living, or all races, creeds and inclinations.

Both Chicago dailies follow the 2016 Presidential playbook of editorial broad brushing and fear-mongering that helped sweep Donald J. Trump into the White House.

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It is very clear that Jeanne Ives scares the bejabbers out of the comfortable Cook County oligarchs who continue to chase the middle class and the well-to-do out of Illinois.

With both Chicago rags endorsing Bruce Rauner, Jeanne Ives should have no problem silencing low-information outlets with plain speaking and turning Jeanne Ives converts into missionaries.

I applaud both the Tribune and the Sun Times for their help in ridding Illinois of One -Term Rauner on March 20th and poising Jeanne Ives against JB Pritzker in November.

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