Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Wedding Wish for Marcia and Joe

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Two friends of mine will marry at 2 P.M. on this Saturday February 17, 2018. They will exchange vows at the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in Blue Island, IL.

This couple is devoted to family and nature.  They spend their quality-time with each other engage in outdoor sport - camping, fishing, hunting and exploring the beauty of our earth.

There is an old Irish lyric that suits Joe and Marcia down to the ground - God Bless You Both! 

                                  The Heart of the Wood
My hope and my love,
we will go for a while into the wood,
scattering the dew,
where we will see the trout,
we will see the blackbird on its nest;
the deer and the buck calling,
the little bird that is sweetest singing on the branches;
the cuckoo on the top of the fresh green;
and death will never come near us for ever in the sweet wood.  -Anonymous Irish Poem

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