Sunday, February 18, 2018

Chicago Reader: As 'In-The-Tank' as 87 Unleaded, But More Gas

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Guess who beefed about the cover art on last week's (it was editor Mark Konkol's, as well) Chicago Reader?

Could it be. . . .might it not portend . . .is it possible . . . is it plausible that JB Pritzker, the Progressive Democrat cash cow, was miffed, irked, vexed, put-out, or a tad nettled by the two-dimensional treatment of the audio-taped chat he had with imprisoned Illinois Governor, a one-time Cook County SJW ?

Mark Konkol is now free of an oppressive regime.  One of the best beat reporters and fair-minded pens in journalism was trampled by pygmies.

Sun Times News Group CEO and former Chicago Alderman and one-time candidate for mayor, Edwin Eisendrath, immediately cashiered Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and short-time editor of the Chicago Reader, Mark Konkol and issued these weasel words -

A tumultuous ten days culminated in the publication of a Reader cover that we believe was not in line with either our vision for the Reader or that storied history. We wish Mark well.
"While controversy is sometimes seen as part and parcel of the alternative-weekly world, we believe it's necessary in this instance to apologize to anyone who was offended by this week's cover. The published cover in my view distracted from the publication as a whole.
In his view. In Edwin Eisendrath's view. . . . after calls from JB and the Progressive beneficiaries of his large ass, I mean Largesse.

Edwin Eisendrath tolerates insults to  Mount Greenwood, because the "Upside Down" hood is 'part and parcel of the alternative weekly world."

Last month this same cage-liner published an insult to every person living in the Mount Greenwood (18,357 people and 6,416 households in Mount Greenwood), but Edwin Eisnedrath was  less than outraged by the shoddy journalism and tepid moralilty to be found in the prose of still-employed Josh Malooley. So bad is it that Wikipedia won't even list it as a reference to the neighborhood.

Josh Malooley has a pay check and Mark Konkol must file with Illinois Department of Employment Services for the swell $749.00 bi-weekly dole ( limited to 26 weeks).

Well Chicago readers know that the alternative weekly bilge in the Chicago Readers is bought and paid for by SNG ( SEIU) and JB Pritzker.  The Reader bows deeply to its over-lords.

Mark Konkol is a free man!

The Reader is bought and paid for propaganda like the Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Edwin, from this member of the reading community and the 18,000 + people your rag vilifies, Mount Greenwood,  a neighborhood with deep roots in the Ubs In Horto!

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Stay just the way you are!

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Crinkum said...

Oh my gosh! Why, oh why, didn't I discover you sooner! "... beneficiaries of his large ass, I mean largesse." LOL! Are you fat-shaming? Watch your back, the language police are on the case.