Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Meet and Greet Jeanne Ives - The Next Governor of Illinois

Jeanne Ives is on the down-state hustings. There is wonderful video of her talk to the Decatur Club of that fine town linked below at Herald and Review.   This is a pretty good, but skewed, report on the event.
To an outside observer, several factors may be working against Ives.
She had $23,488 on hand in her election fund as of Tuesday, according to the Illinois Sunshine Database. By comparison, Rauner had more than $65 million  in his re-election fund.
Name recognition will be a hurdle as well. A Capital Fax/We Ask America poll conducted Oct. 25 to 29 found that 83 percent of likely Republican voters have not heard of Ives.
In the same poll, 61 percent of 1,064 likely Republican voters had a favorable impression of Rauner. Just 24 percent had an unfavorable opinion.
But speaking at the forum, Ives said Rauner’s record has made him vulnerable to Republican voters who see him as a failed governor who sided with Chicago Democrats over his conservative base on abortion and education.
“He’s going to have to spend a lot of money to convince people he’s something he’s not,” Ives said. “We only have to spend enough money to get our message out and let people know who we are.” Decatur Herald & Review
 Actually the Ives Campaign has this, according to Illinois Sunshine Database

Ives For Illinois
Committee Funds Amount
Funds Available on Dec 31, 2016 Quarterly Report $0.00
Funds Raised Nov 9, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017 $438,579.87
Funds Raised Since Dec 31, 2017 $2,642,000.00
Total Funds Raised $3,081,713.52

That is much more than the $23,488 reported by the Herald & Review.

Name recognition problem for Jeanne Ives?  Could be. Depends upon what, or whom you read.

We Ask America has a C rating from 538 Poll Rating service.  That is a Participant Ribbon compared to Rasmussen, St. Norbert University and Marist College pollings A and A+ ratings.

Capitol Fax Blog is a pay-to-play news aggregator skewed to affirm what Cook County Democratic and Progressive Democrats already hold as true.

The polling in question was conducted in October of 2017, three months before Jeanne Ives destroyed Governor Rauner in the Chicago Tribune debate.

Jeanne Ives is not as well-know, or notorious, as Bruce Rauner; nor, is her vice heard coaxing jailed former governor Rod Blagojevich about squeezing into President Obama's abandoned U.S. Senate seat. Rather, the plain speaking West Point graduate and mother of five speaks directly to the people of Illinois.

As she stated at the Decautur Club on January 13th, “Whenever we come into town – and we have been all over the state – we always have an open Meet and Greet so people in town can feel comfortable coming in and talking directly to me and asking their questions directly to me. We don’t do any stages events that way and we don’t do canned questions.”

Watch the video linked with the Herald & Review story.

In the light of a sex scandal, Jeanne Ives called for Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan to resign.

Capitol Fax conducted its own polling save Mike Madigan's job and preserve things as they *are in Illinois!

For those who want change in Illinois :

Meet Jeanne Ives at a fundraising event at Reilly's Daughter Pub  on Monday, March 5th from 5-7 PM.
Reilly’s Daughter is located at 4010 West 111th Street in Oak Lawn with plenty of free parking.

This opinion was artfully conducted and no polling harmed any At&T customers at dinner time. 

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