Saturday, February 10, 2018

Preach Not to Choir, Jeanne Ives! Remember, You Want Missionaries, Not Merely Converts

I am all in for Jeanne Ives.  I am a traditional Democrat (non-Marxist, Pro Life variety) and intend to help get this fine woman elected.

However, my support is no where near enough.  Take this, for what it is worth Guv.  This new ad targeting conservatives is nice, but they are already on board. Great ad.

Get to my neighbors - the good people of the 19th Ward and 3rd Congressional District.  There is a goldmine of votes here and voters who take elections seriously.  These are people with families.

Get to Mexican families!

Get to African American Families

We are thick in the 3rd Congressional District.

 Most of these voters are blue-collar skilled trades people, many work in public sector jobs and the Progressive Juggernaut of limitless spending has targeted these people with street money to spare and spurious ads that will paint Jeanne Ives and Congressman Dan Lipinski as Siamese-twins of the Trump family.

The and Occupy Democrats low-information zealots are already at work on social media against Ives as a Cruella De Ville and Lipinski as the Baby Doc Duvalier of K-town, in the hope of turning Stan and Stella over to Marie Newman and Lupe and Carlos into JB Pritzker voters.

One person hurled this at a post I put for Ives:  "her horrible, cruel message is because Rauner didn't follow the party line i.e. the t-party line. Her style is more trumpesque."

To which I replied, "I hear she lit a box of kittens on fire in McCook."

People in the 3rd District, like the people of Quincy, Rock Island, Free Port, Galena and Granite City Illinois are people of faith.  People of faith make great partisans and missionaries.

The Jeanne Ives Revolution* needs revolutionaries.  The Revolution needs people of faith, because faith ignites aspiration and aspiration makes one active.  People of faith,  Muslim, Christian and Jews of every race and ethnicity, do not fall for slick verbiage, or nifty deals.

People want to know that an elected official will not allow people to pick their pockets, violate their liberties, or erase their pensions.

The Progressive screamers already scare-mongering voters about their public pensions, while Progressive grifters continue to collect more pensions.   Instead of an ad that reinforces what average people already know about Jeanne Ives, let us see a short ad that addresses public pension concerns of cops, firefighters, and all public employees.

People will gain faith in Jeanne Ives.

People will aspire to help move the Ives' Revolution.

People will actively get out the vote in the March Primary and November General Election.

People will work with Jeanne Ives to get Illinois back on its hind legs.

Jeanne Ives does not need converts. Jeanne Ives needs Missionaries!  Missionaries who know that Jeanne Ives has a revolutionary plan to get Illinois back to sanity.

* I would prefer to term it the Ives Counter Revolution, but that's just me.

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