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Guns Kill People and North Korea is Insecure and Blond Jesus Reigns

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Whenever Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun Times needs to freshen up her purple prose and activate alliteration she turns to Pastor Pfleger, who also needs, at least, a monthly dose of dependable media and personal autoeroticism.

The preening pastor promptly urps up a polemic, pointed at police or political persons, but today's Sneedling is particularly offensive - Pfleger uses a dead policeman to further divide people.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, Chicago’s anti-gun pulpit protest peace priest, just hit the firing range.
In the wake of the murder of Pfleger’s friend, Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer, and the death of 17 people in a Florida high school Wednesday, the fiery Pfleger is accusing gun advocates of complicit behavior. Michael Sneed-Chicago Sun Times

Sneed did not bother to ask Commander Paul Bauer's brothers and sisters in blue to comment on his selfless final call at Thompson Center.   Nor did the oafish Sneed compare the outpouring of grief at the loss of a fine human being to the hideous applause of inmates, as they welcomed the cop killer to County Jail.  Sneed puts Pfleger ahead of a priest who actually knew Commander Bauer and his family in her gossip column.  Sneed is consistent and employs the Sun Times' personal pontiff - Pfleger.  The hard-collar of secular faith.

Every tragedy is all about Pfleger - all of the time:
“He even gave me his private cellphone number.”
“Call whenever you need me, he’d say,” said Pfleger.
Pfleger is consistent.

The Sun Times has a narrative to sell and message to force down people's throats - it is radical socialism.

Sneed's sop to the Florida killings by a sick kid, play well with Pfleger, who echoed the one-note-samba of urban violence - take guns away.

Other socialist news sources have offered similar simple songs about guns and nuclear warfare.

Vox operated by the young guns of Obama's first term (the journolists) presented a pre- Winter Olympics explanation of North Korean psychotics:

While Americans were busy enjoying the July Fourth holiday, news broke that North Korea had crossed another military milestone: its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. This missile, the kind that could theoretically be tipped with a nuclear warhead, could travel far enough to hit Alaska.
That’s pretty worrying in and of itself. But the North Korean crisis is even scarier than you think.
That isn’t because the country’s supreme leader, 33-year-old Kim Jong Un, is totally irrational — a “crazy fat kid,” as Sen. John McCain once termed him. Instead, it’s that the impoverished North Korean regime is deeply insecure, so worried about its own survival that it is willing to go to dangerously provocative lengths to scare the United States and South Korea out of any potential attack.
When you combine this insecurity with the opaque nature of the North Korean regime, you have a situation that could easily spiral into outright conflict in the event that one of North Korea’s frequent military provocations (like the missile test) goes awry. Given North Korea’s massive conventional military and unknown number of nuclear weapons, conflict on the Korean Peninsula would cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives.
They're not crazy; they're insecure.  North Koreans need Federal funding, Job Fairs and Beer Koozies.

Nicholas Cruz, who slaughtered his schoolmates, teachers and strangers, was insecure, troubled and wickedly intelligent.  He might not have known how to buy a six-pack of Bud Lite, or score some weed, but  be sure knew how to get himself the fire-power to make his mark in history.

The North Koreans are  also opaque ( now that is nuance) like Obama's deep state Intel and not given to open honesty like calling Kim Jong Un a fat psychotic.

The Sun Times is as opaque as North Korea and applies its own brand of juche.  Pfleger makes more people wonder, "What the hell is he up to?" and some people will buy the Sun Times.

However, juche that uses the death of a heroic Law Enforcement Officer to plump up a vain preening preacher is offensive, but consistent.

Nicholas Cruz was not very forthcoming about his ballistic purchases.

Opaque people are consistent.

Shameless people are consistent.

Guns are tools and so are too many people. The media and politicians use people as things - things that are allowed to vote.

Guns kill people like pencils flunk tests.

Violent psychotics will use any tool to murder people: nuclear missiles, Glocks, 2x4s and kitchen knives, or pencils.

Mass murders and all murders are deeds performed by sentient humans beings; not inanimate objects.

People delight in the murder of some people.  Watch the news coming from Gaza, or ChiRaq, or any such celebratory You Tube Offering from thugs.

The applause coming from the cells in Cook County Jail at the arrival of  Shomari Legghette tells people all they need to know about urban violence and school shootings.  Some loopy goof says that half of the clapping throng have business being in Cook County Jail.

Commander Bauer disagreed in thunder:

And when they do go to jail, they need to stay there longer.
“The Sheriff of Cook County, for whatever reason, is very proud of the fact he has reduced the population of the county jail. Maybe I’m jaded, I don’t think that’s anything to be proud of.”
Bauer would like to see more career criminals in jail. “You can say, we don’t know if that’s going to reduce recidivism. This is how I look at it, I want them off the street. We’re not talking about the guy that stole a loaf of bread from the store to feed his family. We’re talking about career robbers, burglars, drug dealers. These are all crimes against the community. They need to be off the street.”

Kim Jong Un would be most comfortable and at home in Level IX of Cook County Detention Center.

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