Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Working Man's Pal: Working For the Flint/Locke Combine! 'Get The Gold, Mistah Bowwwwmannnnn, but Get an "F " from the Jury!

Law Professor Kingsfield Abuses Locke Bowman??? This is an Outrage! We Got to Get this Right for Tomorrow' s Edition! Gives the Kid an F?????? Must be Burge's Uncle! Hello?????

From the crumpled missive sent to Editor: transcript account of secret recording:

'Mista Bowmannnn, you are familiar - are you not - with the American Work Ethththth - IC? You EAAAAAARRRRNNNN your Money - You do NOT have SOMEONE else DO it FOR YOU?You are FAM-iliar - are you NOT - with the passage from Holy Writ :'As you REAP so shall you SUE? No? - Here's an EFF! - Mr. Bowman - tell your Trust Fund - that you will lose AGAIN to any Jury!
Tell your friend, Flint, to check his briefs! They are soiled. Dismissed.'

' Cutpurse - get me Editorial! It's Sensational! Once again, The Working Man's Pal, gives it good and hard to the working stiffs - hard news, hard opinion, hard feelings, hard cheese! Toxic Beach! Gotta be the Cops! Poetry Slam Raided by the Heat- Editor Says Cops 'Polite' The Dame's gotta be on the take! Soldier Field Political - Named for a Soldier - Warmonger - Bush loving Burge ! He's Guilty - We've said so! Years ago! Let the Courts do the catchup! PEE PEE Story's Off the Charts! THE Kids Loved It ! Hey Call the Cuffe Alumni Office! When that School open 2000? But there's more! We need to change it up!
This is Outrageous it's so Boffo! Here's this fresh-faced kid Locke Bowman - G-Flint's Comrade! Mayflower Kid! What's he doin' on Page Two Bits? Close to METRO? The Club?' And on into last goodnight New Chicago Sun Times told this burg - Burge? - what's important! This is every bit as Front Page as the Kiddy Pee Punishment!

The Titmouses in City Council are in-line with Master Locke Bowman - Problem is Old Professor Kingsfield's reminds most people that Locke and his work ethic screwed the pooch two summers ago - a jury, on the case of the fabricated Cook County Jail Prisoner Abuse Lottery Ticket, that the FlintLocke Combine worked overtime to GET Sheriff Mike Sheahan, crumbled and tossed these Ambulance Chasers' case in less than twenty minutes!

Celebrated cigar store Indian and newly unemployed nitwit Ward Churchill has helped these gold-digging beauties with the kids and their efforts to do Locke's homework over at U of C's Mandel Hall on Thursday Nights - it's been in John Conroy's golden tablets in Chicago Reader! Again, The FlintLocke Combine tosses out the very same ( Churchillian) evidence to our City Council mensa members that has been ignored by every court thus far. Don't our Readers Understand????

Remember this great moment in Progressive Ambulance Chasing?

Byline: Kara Spak Daily Herald Staff Writer Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan is claiming that calls between Cook County jail inmates and a civil rights lawyer presented a "pattern of questionable conduct" that merits an investigation into the attorney's behavior. The calls in question were placed from a prison unit housing some of the jail's most dangerous inmates to Jean Maclean Snyder, an attorney with the University...,CST-NWS-burge25.article

Now, Today in the Republican ( Republi -HOW???) Chicago Tribune, Locke Bowman wants Paddy Fitz the Fed to do the heavy lifting! At least Fitz is out of law school -"The U.S. attorney needs to be encouraged to pursue prosecution" for perjury, said Bowman, who asserted that urging by the council would carry weight.
I believe the Tribune might want to back away from the glow of the FlintLocke Combine given their GPA in Court - Naw, they're too Locked -in to the University Think Tanks.
This from the Monied Tanks:

MacArthur Justice Center. Its mission to provide free legal representation on criminal justice issues that affect the indigent often gets its cases local and national media attention. Founded in 1985, the clinic is funded by the J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation.
Locke Bowman, Lecturer and Director of the MacArthur Justice Clinic, and his colleague Jean Maclean Snyder, a Lecturer in the MacArthur Justice Center, supervise 16 law students who assist them in preparing cases. Bowman is a noted expert on defendants who face the death penalty, and Snyder is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the country on super-max prisons, including the Tamms Correctional Center in downstate Illinois.

“Our objective is to provide students the opportunity to apply classroom principles in the actual setting of litigation,” Bowman said. “We want them to understand that their education gives them power to achieve real goals for the betterment of individuals and society.”
Summaries of the MacArthur Justice Center’s recent cases are evidence of Bowman’s and Snyder’s commitment to making a difference in the criminal justice system: a suit related to mental health treatment at Tamms on behalf of four prisoners who protested of excessively harsh conditions; a petition filed with Randolph Stone of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic that called for a special prosecutor to investigate criminal violations during interrogations by City of Chicago Police Department Area 2 detectives; a successful judgment on behalf of a Chicago Reader reporter who was denied access to Cook County Jail after she wrote a story on the Cook County Sheriffs’ strip search policy; a suit against gun manufacturers that alleges they endanger the health and welfare of Chicago citizens; a suit on behalf of four Cook County Jail prisoners who alleged that a dozen guards beat them so severely that they had to be hospitalized; a successful petition to use DNA test results to prove a convicted man innocent of rape; and a suit against the Chicago Police Department to exonerate a man convicted of rape, who would have been proven innocent had evidence not been withheld for several years.
“Everything we’ve done in eight years we’ve done better because students are involved as working partners in the process of litigating our cases,” Bowman said
Any Dukey for Kids, Locke? Naw. Partners? Partners, How? 'Do the work for me.'

Howls of Giggles, Locke! Bang up job you did on that one - 20 minutes to toss! No wonder Old Man Kingsfield is after you and Flint - It's Chilling!'
And Now -Back to the Working Man's Pal

'CutPurse!!!!?????? Where's my call to editing???? Get that Twist on the Phone! Reed?? Cooke - Here's the lede - got a crayon? Law Prof Linked Lickings Learned Likely in Laos by Louse Copper! Locked Up! Free FlintLocke! - Got Kiddo? Go to rewrite -- The Workers Demand It!

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