Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pope Pisses Off Progressives!

Here's the Only Pope that would get a pass from SCAM, Kathleen Falsani - the Sun Times Swami, and all of the hip and happening!
Pope Bono I
Semper Hip, Semper Happenin'

Sock Puppet - So-Called Austin Mayor: SCAM, a bell-weather of the hip and the happening, jumped all over Pope Benedict XVI's recent statement. 'Chilling' it was - no doubt - they are thin blooded little creatures, the Progressives. It's theology, boy and girls -all that extra ecclesiam nulla sallus est stuff- bores me rigid, I tells ya! Not so the SCAM! Sock Puppet gets it on! Roll over, Nast!
It is Fun, Easy, Hip and Happening to Make fun of Catholics and as American and Progressive as Santa Claus! His inventor hated Catholics Big Time! Old Tommy Nast went Old Testament on Catholics!

Sock Puppet SCAM,who sniffs about feelings and worries about other people's thoughts, jumped all over this one! Kind of like Mike Tyson kicking ass in the cancer unit of Childrens Memorial Hospital! Kick that Sick Punk! Yeah! SCAM IS ON!

Here's my comment to SCAM on his site:

SCAM,You old sock puppet!

Fordham University is my favorite Catholic school because of what it means to the fashionable atheist and Progressive critics of my Faith.FU!The same gobshites who get all pissy about the poor Al Queda slobs in Gitmo flash this BS all the time.Evangelicals are too devout and sincere in their simple Christianity to develop a school like Fordham.We Catholics respect those devotions and sincere principles, but do not mind ducking out for a Lucky Strike after the Gospel and sneak in line for the Communion.As to the clowns who have dismissed Catholics as well as pious Christians and our co-religionist of the Old Testament the Jews - how about an Ecumenical shoutout of F(ordham) U(niversity)!

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