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The Most Loyal Americans of Guam - 63 years of Liberation: They Do Not Read The Chicago Sun Times

Above" Liberation Day Parade 2007
Right: Liberation Queen DeAna Arriola

The Japanese landed on Guam in December of 1941. Guam's Governor, Navy Commander McMillan, knew that defense of the American island was futile. Nevertheless, Chamorros of the Insular Guard outfitted in cast-off Navy uniforms and armed with obsolete training rifles met the Japanese landing and offered a spirited defense of the their homes. Here is an account taken from Pacific News Daily celebrating their heroism:

Pacific Daily News:

In less than an hour, McMillan surrendered the island to the Japanese, setting off two years of suffering and sacrifice for the Chamorro people.
The effort to defend the palace was futile, Ramirez said, because forces were insufficiently equipped.
Accounts from members stated that just three machine guns and 95 outdated Springfield rifles -- with the inscriptions: "Fire only in training" -- were given to share among the more than 200 members, PDN files state.
The eventual surrender of the United States came after the deaths of guardsmen Angel L.G. Flores and Vicente C. Chargualaf, along with several other service and guardsmen.
Different stories were told of their deaths, Ramirez said, with at least one which depicts their insubordination.
The two refused to lower the American flag and replace it with the Japanese flag, leading to their beheading, he said.
After the deaths of a handful of Guardsmen and more than 10 U.S. servicemen, McMillan surrendered.

Here's the link:
On this day, 63 years ago, at this very time of day, amphibious tractors (LVTs) were crawling over the reef off of the Asan landing beaches. These alligator-like landing craft carried a crew of three and fifteen Marines ( American teenagers) of the assault batallions. By 9 A.M. July 21st, 1944, most of the these men would be dead or wounded. The People of Guam made their sacrifices an intrinsic element of their culture. Would that more Americans be so blessed. Hafa Adai!
Here's our Local Culture:

The Chicago Papers and media are loaded with stories and features that divide people, race is the best bait, and undermine confidence in our traditions and values. The Friend of the Working Man - The Chicago Sun Times opines that Police officers are racist sociopaths and that government should afford lawsuit motivated lawyers, activists and criminals every opportunity to sue and harass individual officers: their definition of Police Reform.
Only Neil Steinberg has offered an honest assesment in his column of that paper. Much, Much Further to the absurdly radical left, Dick Simpson, who could not make a living without the radical network cocooning his nest at UIC, and media gigs, went on WGN yesterday and calumnized our Justice System, as well as working Police officers.
Distinguished Professor - my broad manly ass! Distinguished - marked by, true enough, an ability to smear and call it artistry. BTW-Wasn't the Distinguished Professor a defender of spray-paint taggers, while he did so little in the City Council? It seems like asking a glutton to discuss dieting strategies, WGN -might be a great sweeps feature - next year; morons.
Only Neil Steinberg and the Chicago Tribune's John Kass are actually defending police officers with the facts. (I have been a frequent critic of John Kass, but have proclaimed him to be one of the most talented writers in Chicago.) These two guys are stand-up people! When the truth does not fit a radical agenda the truth gets locked up. Thank you, gentlemen , for taking off the cuffs on the facts.
We could learn something about honesty and honor from the people of Guam - they do not read the New Chicago Sun Times.

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