Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's Real Grassroots Look Like? Come Out and Play For Maeve August 4th 2007 - Do for Our Neighbors

Hundreds of neighbors and friends will gather at Beverly Park at 103rd & Artesian on Saturday, August 4th, 2007 to celebrate the love of family and the genuine concern for children, especially those afflicted with a life threatening disease.

Denise and Matt McNicholas

The handsome couple in blue T-shirts above are Maeve's Mom and Dad and inspired this Grassroots effort - some people who toss around the word Grassroots seem to confuse shooting their mouths off and suing people with actually doing something for someone in need - other than themselves.

This is real Grassroots. Neighbors do not wait for someone else to care of their neighbors. They get off their Lazy-boys and open their hearts, as well as their wallets: they cook, hang posters, sell raffle tickets, hump chairs and tables ( unless a member of the clergy - ever see one of those beauts set up chairs? You'd have an easier time thumbing a ride off of Saints Cyril and Methodius to Peotone, than getting a stiff collar to help) stir the clergy to show up for the event - they do like the cake!- , and get themselves and the kids and the neighbors into gear.

Maeve McNicholas died of a brain tumor a couple of years ago and her family worked their grief into a wonderful tribute for their Angel in Heaven. There is now a magnificent children's Park named for Maeve within Beverly Park that was funded through Grassroots efforts. Our community buried Maeve's little pal, Liam Bonner three years old, yesterday. Liam was afflicted with brain tumors as well. Your efforts and your donation will help more chldren so afflicted.

Note to the Sun Times: Let's try and get things right - this is what real working people do. They get involved and do not wait for some Emmet Kelly imitators to artificially mug for the cameras and the press. If there is a problem, some one is suffering, or in need, don't wait get active. If you want to live with good neighbors, act like a good neighbor.

How can I help?

Your gift to The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation will help us in our efforts to:
Increase public awareness about the severity and prevalence of childhood brain tumors
Aid in early detection of childhood brain tumors by increasing awareness of symptoms
Help to find the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors through the support of medical research
Help support families with children living with brain tumors

Please make donations payable to the:

Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation

Donations may be made at or sent to:

Beverly Bank & Trust Company
c/o The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation
10258 South Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60643

phone: 773-239-2265
or contact us

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