Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gold For Thems That Sue Police! The Working Man's Paper Sets Things Right for Working Ambulance Chasers

The Working Man's Paper Helps These Prospectors Find Gold in Lawsuits Against Cops

Working Men and Women - Wait for The Redistribution of Wealth - Wait a Minute - Oh, Yeah you will be Taxed More and Real Working People - Police Officers Get More Abuse! It makes sense to the Working Man's Paper - The Chicago Sun Times.

This is only privy link to the web edition - The Print Edition shows where the Gold waits for a tuck into the purses of Ambulance chasers.

You see WE ( The majority of dopes who go to work and such - cops, firemen, police, streets and sanitation, tradesmen, school teachers & etc.) are NOT working people - we are PLUTOCRATS - bad guys.

Here's the Working Man! He's part of a network of lawsuit slingers, University Think Tankers and Lefty Journalists, as well as Progressive Hack politicians who can not get elected. Working People!

Like Lawsuit-Smith Loevy:http://www.loevy.com/FirmBios.html

Police Officers who get beefs ( 10 Civilian Complaints or More) would be subject to having MORE cockroach lawyers climbing through their undies in search of Lawsuit Gold! We ( The Working Dopes) are suppossed to get behind this? Make Jon Loevy's work a tad easier? Mr. 40%?

The working man -folks like Jon Loevy - who wades into the creek's chilling ( I love that Lefty Verbal) waters every day panning for gold, coughed up in lawsuits against the City and other Governmental agencies ripe and thick with tax-payer Gold - has a friend in the Working Man's Friend - The Chicago Sun Times: Edgey! Confrontational! Lefty! The New Chicago Sun Times ( tarred and looted by Lord Black) shows this metaphorical gold to one and all on the cover of today's paper - in the form of a Chicago Police Officer's Badge and braid - obviously a General - maybe our next Superintendent. Is this warning to one and all that the next Superintendent MUST needs be a compliant noodle-spine for our Working Man's Friend and its Pals.

The gold sits deep in the governmental creek and must be extracted or panned wherever a working man, like Jon Loevy and fellow prospector G.(gold) Flint Taylor, can roil up enough rippled waters in the Publicly Funded Creek with charges and allegations of Police Abuse. Allege - get a suit!

Now, Son, work on That volume - let's see! - 662 times millions of Tax payer salted dollars; subtract commonsense ( Buck or two here and there 'Can't take it all - YET) and deduct a sweet 40% - Yeow! That's Gold, Son!

Working with a journalist, like University of Chicago incubated Jamie Kalven, and having a solid print pal in the 'The Working Man's Friend: The Chicago Sun Times editorial board beating out this endless theme every day of the week, Working Man Jon Loevy can grab the gold with much less effort.


662 Potential Police Prospects for Panning according to the The Working Man's Friend! 'GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! Old Oily Jon no longer might need to hoist up the hip boots and wade in the troubled waters. Them thar nuggets will fly right into his britches! Praise Jesus! A Paper like the Working Man's Friend also wants to scare the gutless and the stupid among our elected officials to 'Do Something to Help Jon!' It's Chilling in Them Thar Cricks!

All the rest of us plutocrats, who pay all the taxes, obey all the laws, drive with insurance, bed-down by 11PM after scaring the kids into the house for ''night-night," and get up at 5AM to work back hoes, ride on Sanitation Trucks, Fire Trucks, Deliver Mail, Drive Buses, Teach School, Manage Businesses and Work the Trades and Serve and Protect the Very People Suing Police Officers, should tremble before the righteous Working Man. Jon Loevy and other ambulance chasers are having the work done for them by the Friend of the Working Man -The Chicago Sun Times!

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