Friday, July 27, 2007

Police Violence or Drunk Fat Guy ? The Sun Times Will Tell You What It Is! That's how They Roll - For The Working Man!

Ace Photag - Zippy D. Pinhead - of the working Man's Pal - the New Chicago Sun Times caught what The Working Man's Pal demands is a chilling scene of Police Violence! Four business executives ( above center) were treated to sacasym, dramatic irony, litotes, aporia, metanoia, pleonasm, slight regard, and dubious verbal applications of the interrogative seven years ago. And You People, taxpaying dummies, thought nightsticks were only used for parades???
The level of abuse was so shocking that all four business executives, topped off by quarts of festive Ketel One, were knocked prone by police intimidation and requests to - 'take it somewhere else.' Said the husky businessmen - 'They treated us like fat-drunken slobs; that's mean, Man.'
The MacArthur Center for Justice League of the Blum Trust Fund Syndicate for Peoples Redistribution of Middle Class Income are taking the Bulls by the Horns and Mobilizing for Justice. The Loevy Flint-Locke Combine smells dollars and The Chicago Sun Times makes cents.
The New Chicago Sun Times will print anything that remotely smacks of abuse, racism, or rhetorical flourishes that sadden or chip-away at self-esteem.
Lawsuits are in the works.


geezerdawg said...


Remember- It is a HATE CRIME to make fun of those possessing the rotund gluteus! Be careful!


pathickey said...

Chilling! Geezer! Chilling! Good to hear from a sound Man from the Sound State of Connecticut!