Monday, July 23, 2007

Sun Times Raises the Lid on Standards! The Working Man's Paper Puts Poignant Pissoir Pontification Page One!

Activists, criminals and lawsuit lawyers can't 'help but feel' that Police Abuse has been uncovered in this morning's shocking and theatrically photographed saga of a 'potty break' denied; and the ugly centerpiece CPS coverup and the familar specter of Police Abuse - Progressive forces are mobilizing as we -SORRY! - take a break for a second - there - Beverly Bean Haitian Blue! We only rent it. Where was I? Oh, Yeah!
The Working Man's Pal - The Chicago Sun Times features the 12 year old victims ( color photos portray the young schoolmen festooned in medals and honors ribbons) of Class Warfare!
Class and Punishment! Class Warfare! Class Struggle! Class Headlines! Class Clash Cash!
When will Mayor Daley, Jon Burge and former White Sox Shortstop Harry Chappas finally be brought to book over these horrific atrocities? Ward Churchill died for your sins Man! Oh, Ward's still with us -apologies.

The latest Public School crisis averted thanks to the timely and tenacious tip-off of The Working Man's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times!
Class and Punishment - Crime and Punishment - Torture and Punishment - Wait! Oh, That's the Same thing. Yes, Like Police Abuse and Post Toasties! See a Pattern Here? John Conroy does.
Positively PO'd Progressive Voices Praised the July 15th Manifesto:
The Chicago Reader, a free press that suggests but does not require the donning of a knit Patagonia cap while reading, offers a comradely Salud! Vinceremos! All Hail The Working Class!
and a color photo of La Pasionaria Reed! Cheryl Reed? Any relation to Jack Reed?
The Working Man, photographed above in Full color after a full day's work of boutique hopping, cafe cantering and totally sick Clubbing in Lincoln Square, was moved to tears of pain and anguish over this Front Page Tale of Potty Denied! 'It's Chilling Man! These cops are so wrong Man that Now school teachers are into Torture.' Like the two little guys featured in this powerful CST's Front Page Story - He could not wait! He mobilized a'Plenty!
The Absolute Collective Force behind Chicago Sun Times editorial management, pictured above in stunningly dualistic black and white, vow - 'How Long, Chicago? This will not Stand! We Mobilize! We Bring Suit! We Cash In!'
Little Big Litigation Man, Jon Loevy could not be reached for comment - because I don't talk to him. Never met the little guy. Don't care to . . .he'd probably trip upon the carpet, break a nail and say some cops beat him senseless - can't improve on God's handiwork/seems pretty senseless from the get-go.
I can't wait until tomorrow! Chicago Sun Times - a paper to laugh at !

It's front page! Read it! Won't take any time. That's the idea.

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