Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sun Times A Total Disgrace! Race Baiting Rag Crucifies Cops!

Today's Chicago Sun Times Commentary, in its print edition with a rotten mast cartoon by Steve Elde, a poor man's Jack Levine and Lefty Cartoonist from the Lakefront suburbs, shills openly for the Jon Loevy lobby of Ambulance Chasers. Try not to give us the impression that opening Beef Sheets with personal information on Police Officers to the very people suing government into the jackpot is Police Reform. Tell that to deaf mule and he'd kick you to death! Now, there is a chilling image.

Link Only web edition: I could not access Elde's cartoon on web: Gotta pay the bum anyway I suppose.,CST-EDT-edits19a.article

Your beat down of Chicago Police Officers added Race Baiting with Elde's cartoon of five husky and humorless white Chicago Policemen ( no diversity in Abuse Agenda per Lefty Doctrine) having beaten a faceless male victim unconscious is worth a thousand words! Don't get me started.

STNG - The Sun Times News Group - the sting? You clowns are a disgrace.

To sell a couple of papers and stir trouble, the Chicago Sun Times is a sad racist and race baiting joke - and no one is laughing.

You have limited your audience - count the receipts.

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