Friday, July 27, 2007

Jon Loevy Loves The SunTimes and The Reader

That's My Dog, Sun Times, let me have your paw! It's exhausting suing the Chicago Police Department 24/7 but The Working man's Pal - the NEW Chicago Sun Times and the New Chicago Reader ( purchased by Creative Loafing, Inc. in June 2007) carries Andy's - sorry -Jon Loevy's coal.,CST-NWS-cop27.article

With the Working Man's Pal kicking down doors to kick down Chicago Police Officers and public confidence in all public institutions, no wonder the poor guy gets fatigued - carrying 40% of millions of taxpayers dollars to his bank is sleepy-tiresome. It's not all lunches with editorial boards, press conferences, interviews, and ledger balancing, Gertrude! Andy- sorry - Jon's got a line of supplicant victims forming at his loft suites - suites - suits - abuse suits -Brooks Brothers Suits- 'Damn It! Call The Sun Times! We got coal to heave!'

If only the rest of us -who go to work, pay our bills, treat our neighbors with respect, care for our kids, honor the law, and foot Jon Loevy's lifestyle - could learn to work together, the way G. Flint Taylor, Gangbanging murderers, Locke Bowman, The Bluhm Center, The Peoples Law Office, MacArthur Center for Justice, The Chicago Reader, Medill School of Journalism, Dick Simpson's UIC - boilerplate factory; Mr. & Mrs. Bernadine Dohrn-Ayers, and The Working Man's Pal steer the agenda, we'd all get to be on WTTW and NPR. What a Wonderful - but Exclusive - World that must be! Gee.

Again - That's Andy Dick - American Thespian - doing a stand-in for Jon Loevy; there are some swell snaps of the Lawsuit Leonidas in the links above.

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