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Wrongfully Accused of "Tossing Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder"

 The Young Gee. Flynt Taylor of Some Peoples Law Office defended fellow Brown University Alumnus Cleophus " Fastidious" Johnson against the charge of Throwing, Putting, Tossing, or Placing the said overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder, since the 1960's.

Cleo Fast was the lead singer of the very popular and ground breaking  bi-racial vocal quintet - Rice Puddin' N Raisns who covered the song in 1964 formed with two Negro and three WASP Trust-fund white boy singers. Rice Puddin' N' Raisins sang and recorded folks and popular domain favorites and were Ivy League favorites until Woodstock.

C. "Fastidious" Johnson,  seen here with on the extreme sinister side with  colleagues the late- Morton Salt, "Tall Milk" Sorenson,  "Ovaltine" Abercrombie N. Fitch and "Flat" U. Lance when they recorded the chestnut in 1964. The three Swedish American members of the quintet committed suicide and baritone "Ovaltine" died of embarrassment when Gov. Pat Quinn withdrew his nomination to the Illinois Anti-Bullying Panel upon learning that "Ovaltine" had once  teased his own hair. Quinn announced the withdrawl of Mr. Abercrombie N. Fitch's  nomination this past Memorial Day weekend here in Chicago. Fastidious Johnson alone survives

With their recording of Who Threw The Overalls in Mrs.Murphy's Chowder Roman Catholic ethnic working class types - you know, White Flighters - blamed Mr. Johnson.  Gee Flynt Taylor pointed to the long held fact Roman Catholics become racists, sexists torturers of minorities and universal homophobes upon baptism.

The question of Who had, in fact, be spoiled the the pottage with soiled workman's outer-wear has long caused racial antipathy and denial from close-knit Catholic ethnics who sun burn easily. Gee Flynt Taylor, who is universally celebrated lifter of public wallets and voice for the Goddamed always wrongfully accused, took the case of classmate Johnson without going for public monies.  

Gee. Fyint Taylor has stood with Mr. Johnson all these years, as the surviving member of vocal quintet has a lot of money still unspent.

Mr. Johnson was blamed for the affront to Celtic Cuisine immediately after the Rice Puddin' N Raisins version of the song climbed the charts.

Gee. Flynt Taylor points to the very lyrics and the hot-tempered guilty themselves:

Oh the Murphy's gave a party just about a week ago
Everything was plentiful, the Murphy's they're not slow
They treated us like gentlemen, we tried to act the same
But only for what happened, well it was an awful shame
When Mrs. Murphy dished the chowder out
She fainted on the spot
She found a pair of overalls
In the bottom of the pot
Tim Nolan he got rippin' mad
His eyes were bulgin' out
He jumped up on the PI-A-NO
And loudly he did shout
Oh, who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder
Nobody spoke, so he shouted all the louder
It's an Irish trick that's true ( Quod Erat Demonstrandum!)I can lick the mick that threw ( House of Screams!)The overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder
[ Lyrics from: ]So we dragged the pants from out the soup and laid them on the floor
Each man swore upon his breast he'd ne'er seen them before
They were plastered up with mortar and were worn out at the knee
They'd had their many ups and downs as we could plainly see
When Mrs Murphy she came to she began to cry and pout
She'd had them in the wash that day and forgot to take them outTim Nolan he excused himself for what he'd said that night
So we put music to the words and sang with all our might
Oh, who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder
Nobody spoke so we shouted all the louder
It's an Irish trick that's true
I can lick the mick that threw
The overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder (emphases and commentary Taylor's)
Taylor points to the sworn testimony of Mr. Nolan and the self-damning words of Mrs, Murphy and concluded, " No matter the evidence, They ( You know who They are) will always blame a man of color."

Mr. Johnson spoke to the fifty-plus years of Taylor's personal advocacy and summed things up with this ," Justice is never dished up, because of systemic racism and the fact that were Justice to be, there'd be no payday for Gee.  

Justice served with spuds and gravy.

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