Friday, July 27, 2012

An Irish Rose Amid Two Particularly Mannish Thorns: Eileen Murphy on Skinny & Houli


Last week on the Skinny & Houli Show - 

James Skinny Sheahan - "Sittin' on the outside, just me and my mate -You know I'm made to move you honey, come up two hours late Wasn't that a man I spell mmm, aaa child, nnn That represents man No B, O child, Y That mean mannish boy -I'm a man -I'm a full grown man -Man 
I'm a natural born lovers man 
Man . , . Houli, what do you say? . . .

Mike Houlihan - "I'm a rollin' stone --Man-child -I'm a hoochie coochie man -The line I shoot will never miss 
When I make love to a woman, -she can't resist -I think I go down, -to old Kansas Stew -I'm gonna bring back my second cousin, -that little Johnny Cocheroo -All you little girls, -sittin'out at that line -I can make love to you woman, -in five minutes time -Ain't that a man -I spell mmm, aaa child, nnn -That represents man -No B, O child, Y -That mean mannish boy. . . "  

That said, the only possible prep for this week's guest, the beautiful  Ms. Eileen Murphy is to be  prepared for Two Mannish Boys!

Eileen Murphy is the Executive Director for Best Buddies Illinois creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities - Volunteers partner up with the best friends they will ever meet! Learn more about people who do more -join Skinny & Houli Live on Friday evening at 6PM at Lissy McNeill's Pub and meet the beautiful Eileen Murphy - the Rose amid the twae thorns, or tune in

WCEV 1450 AM. 

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