Saturday, July 28, 2012

London Olympics - A Lefty Munich: Boffo According to In The Wake of The News

Opening ceremony

American Athletes sporting berets - Oh, yeah' this can't miss.  Well, that is the sum total of the 2012 Olympics for this patriotic couch-spud.

Have you ever run into an old pal from high school, the guy who used drink Sneaky Petes ( 16oz. Schlitz mixed with Ripple Red in the can) and eat Fritos for breakfast and sold Haggar slacks that he stole out of freight cars over at 74th & Seeley for $5 each, and later reefer and Quaaludes, who became an advertising copywriter, before six 12 Step programs and three marriages, now living in a studio apartment in Ukrainian Village?  He wears a beret, along with Hawaiian Shirts and Leroy Neimann print ties.

The Brits trotted out an Opening Ceremony that had all of the solemnity and dignity of a concert by that young blond broad who wears pork chops.

Even the 86 year-old icon of Government spending, Elizabeth II, showed her knickers to the class envy throngs perched in the Old East End.

Why not have a Royal Dunk Tank? Well, a pound is still a pound.

I watched a bit . . .and turned on the Encore Western Channel for a cinematic root-canal -California (1947) with Ray Milland, Barabara Stanwyck and Barry Fitzgerald - it made more sense than Hey Jude eeeJudeeee, NAAAAAAAAAAA Na Na Nanna Na Naaaa!  Worst Beatles tune EVER! Now if you want to hear some horseshit music get a load of this (below -the whole movie) . . .which was far better than what was spewing from NBC -

The only thing worse than the music is the script, the staging, the acting and the production, which is head and shoulders above the Danny Boyle Lefty Munich.

When I clicked to that chestnut horse-opera, I told myself the reviews on this Lefty Munich Show will be Boffo!  They are EVEN in Arch Ward's, Ring Lardner's, Dave Condon's and Mike Downey's In the Wake of the News, once an American's Bullshit in Sports Barometer, now in the hands of Dave Haugh,

LONDON — In one of thousands of pubs across London, where surely tears mixed with laughter Friday night, they might say I was gobsmacked by the Olympic opening ceremony.
In a more proper English teahouse, they might say I quite fancied that.All over the world, they will remember this as the night Britain put on a show that was bloody fantastic.
"I have never been so proud to be British and part of the Olympic movement than at this moment," London Games Chairman Sebastian Coe said.
Witnesses understood why.
The typically understated Brits overwhelmed a global audience with a scintillating presentation that deftly blended artistry, majesty and ingenuity. Not even a confusing, anticlimactic lighting of the cauldron by seven British teenage "future Olympians," a secret guarded with Buckingham Palace-like security, ruined the rare sporting spectacle that lived up to the hype.
More significantly, Ray Milland could not save Barry Fitzgerald ( 1:16-1:37) from the guns of the Progressive-minded Captain Pharaoh Coffin for bravely championing Statehood for California . . .even Anthony Quinn ( in a supporting role as a hard-drinking Spanish Grandee) got bumped off by Pharaoh Coffin.,0,2988200.column

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