Friday, July 13, 2012

Second City CeaseFire Blog

The anti-violence group CeaseFire helped orchestrate the surrender of a teen police wanted to talk to about a shooting that left two young girls wounded.CeaseFire accompanied 18-year-old Jermaine Lewis, his attorney and family as he met with Chicago police.
"I cannot say whether he is innocent or guilty," said Bob Jackson of the Roseland CeaseFire. "We just want to make sure there is no retaliation on his life today." Huge Shout Out to ABC 7 always CeaseFire Friendly and Rahm Snuggly! scc(f).con(vict).

Chicago wants to give CeaseFire the job of community policing.  Mayor Rahm gave us  a million reasons to be the police.
The Police think they all that.

This is Second City CeaseFire -SCC(f),con(vict).  Chuck Goudy, Brian Knowles, Phil Ponce got our back. Know this, unlike them police, CeaseFire will never be in Jon Loevy or Flint Taylor's crosshairs - them drive-by gangstahs is on!

Be Positive, Be Strong, Be Silent -CeaseFire Don't mean start snitching y'all.

Office Tio Wanna, CeaseFire Chicago

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