Friday, May 16, 2008

Hugo Chavez Calls Interpol Cops Clowns! Emmet Kelly Calls Edward R. Murrow ' Keith Olbermann' - Ubi Caritas, Populi?

El Jefe Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan Dictator, who controls all the Chevron gas pumps that I pass by, has his XXL Haines in a lumpy knot over yesterday's Interpol announcement that the lap-top computer found in a backpack belonging to a bumped off FARC terrorist in Columbia that contains references to Senator Barack Obama in its evil menu of dastardly tricks is valid and untouched. Hugo protested that files of computer were altered by some Gringo scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells.

Interpol - the International Police Agency - said the FARC info is accurate - certainly if not legit. Hugo Chavez called the Interpol report 'A Clown Show!' Now what would Simon Bolivar say, Jefe?

It seems that Ayers/Chavez/Dohrn/Chesa Boudin/FARC and Senator Barack Obama have some parsing to do.

Hat Tip to one of my favorite tree stands of boffo news items and ripping yarns torn from cyberspace IBD Editorials!

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