Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Old Reliable Neville DeHope - Obama! Guys R Dolls?

Guys R Dolls in Production - Deano D & C reminds Neville De-Hope-Obama of his obligations to the Progressive Crap Shooters of America:

Deano D & C:

'Neville, you must concentrate on Iran. The Race is up to here with high players. Arianna The Greek's in town. Freddie Bettle Barnes, Scranton Slim Casey.'

Neville DeHope-Obama:

'I know, I know, I could make a fortune, but to make a fortune, I need a fortune. A thousand votes, where do I get it?

The Daily Show wants my stand, but we ain't got a stand on hand.
And they now got a lock on the door to the Votes in Puerto Rico.
There's alot of stock votes at McKlosky's Bar, but Mrs. McKlosky ain't a good scout - she's a bitter, clinging Catholic.
And things being how they are, the back of the police station is out!
So the Daily Show is the spot, but the Popular votes we ain't got.'
Deano D& C and CHORUS:

Why, it's good old reliable Neville, Neville, Neville, Neville DeHope,
If you're looking for action, he'll turn it to spot,
Even when the heat is on, it's never too hot.
But for the good old reliable Neville, oh it's only just a short walk,
To the oldest appeasement Progressive shooting crap not Straight Talk.
There are Progressive crap shooters everywhere, everywhere,
There are Progressive crap shooters everywhere,
And awful lot of lettuce for the fella who can get us to play.
If we only had a lousy little crap, we could be Soros millionaire.
Oh the good old reliable Neville, Neville, Neville, Neville DeHope,
If the size of your bundle you want to increase,
I'll arrange America goes broke in quiet and peace,
In a deal provided by Neville, where there are no neighbors to squawk,
It's the oldest established Progressive shooting crap and not Straight Talk.
Where's the action? Where's Iran?
America's to blame or we'll die from shame.
It's the oldest appeasement progressive crap shooting - not Straight Talk.

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colecurtis said...

"Oh" the poet amongst us Mistah Pat I never knew and such a good one at that. I love it and it rings of truth. BTW great picture of Dean if there is such a thing maybe you can donate it when you are finished to compost someones garden this year. Lord knows that is where he belongs because he is full of the old ferilizer.