Friday, May 02, 2008

John McCain: Biden Aide Marty Parrish a Real Melvinna, Paulina, or Lunt!

Here's Marty!
Marty Rhymes with Lunt!

Way above Phot: That's Senator Neil Kinnock and Marty Parrish - The Punk.

There is an old Chicago joke told by men in taverns, but never in the company of women.

Howard Dean's DNC, Huffington Post and Joe Biden have no such problem. They are, after all America's Elite - Progressives - they are doing things and saying things to protect America from becoming more united, more common sensible, more respectful and more successful. The DNC - held captive since 1972 by the absolute worst people in America - is in the business of failure, victim hood, retreat and playing lick-spittle to Dictators like Castro/Chavez/ and terrorist like Hamas.

Senator Joe Biden's Iowa born aide pictured above with Senator tried to punk Senator John McCain in a recent Blogger phone chat.

Click my post title for Huffington Post's fiction.

A softball by the name of Cliff Schecter ( rhymes with Sphincter) wrote a smear piece on John McCain. That's all these clowns got?*(BTW- I saw a guy toss the book into a trash bin on the Chicago Metra at 91st Street last week) In it he second hands a story about Senator McCain using a terrible word on his wife. That is a very big deal to people who encourage such language, like the sweethearts on Daily Kos and the yamheads who cut and paste their work on Huffington Post

In The HuffPo piece the Hollywood Squares say that the caller is a Baptist Preacher. He is in fact this little twerp on the Obama Blog and at Biden Headquaters.

Q. What Chicago Streets rhyme with Marty Parrish?

A. Melvina, Paulina and Lunt!

Rhymes with Punk.

I hope that Joe Biden and Senator McCain have a 'come to Jesus' moment soon. Marty you'll be scraped off someone's shoes shortly!

HUGE HAT TIP to Gateway Pundit for unmasking Marty Parrish! - Great Folks Keeping an eye on America's Moral Fibre, Laxatives, Diuretics and other purgatives.

* HuffPo is doing a huge back peddle on Marty's Great Progressive Prank - get this nonsense from the slimey little twerp in the update (11AM) on HuffPo:

At a town hall forum in Iowa yesterday, Sen. John McCain was asked about a story from Cliff Schecter's controversial recent book, The Real McCain, which alleges that during a 1992 campaign stop, McCain angrily called his wife a "trollop" and a "c**t" in front of aides and reporters.

Marty Parrish, a business owner in Des Moines, told OffTheBus's Keith Dinsmore that he asked McCain about the incident because he's concerned about how McCain's temper could impact his leadership.

"A guy who would call his wife a trollop and a c--t just because she had ruffled his hair in front of five guys is not only a jerk, but a dangerous hothead if he ever gets his finger on the button."
"And since the mainstream media has decided to give McCain a free pass, I decided to stand up and, if they gave me an open mike, ask the question that the press refuses to touched. Our country is in a serious crisis after nearly eight years of Bush, and America appears to be oblivious to the danger this guy (McCain) poses to our country."

Now Marty is 'business operator' or how about celebrated Iowa Onanist? Triple A Iowa Farm System Bill Maher and serial beater of the old bishop?

You guys are better than free cable.


TheComputerGuy said...

You are a dick.

Rhymes with chick.

See if it sticks.

I can do poems too.

Marty Tarrel Parrish

My number is not six six six.

Turd does not rhyme with dick's chick.

Or should a say chick's dick.

Hey, in all honesty, I did not think politics could be this fun.


I am.

Marty Tarrel Parrish
Cosmic Christ

pathickey said...

This mornin is startin'
with rhymes from young Martin,
Who utterd a terrible Word.

This Baptist was reachin'
In the thin guise of preachin'
Gynecological slur how absurd

To a Hero whose wife,
Is his partner for Life,
Young Martin was casting the hideous Word.

The Word does not matter,
The intent or the chatter
Parrish bunted was Nation-wide heard.

A sneaky wee fellow,
Biden Time 'cause he's yellow,
Marty Parrish was tagged out at Third.

Now the 'Change' folks might say,
Parrish meant good that day,
But Folks he's a slimey wee Nerd.

TheComputerGuy said...

Man that was a great poem! Much better than the first one! What a nut case!