Saturday, May 31, 2008

John McCain: It's Crowded Under Obama's Bus! Get on the Straight Talk Express!

It is very, very crowded under Senator Obama's Bus!

1. Bitter Clinging Working Class & Gramma

2. Rev. Jeremiah Wright

3. Father Mike Pfleger

4. Trinty United Church of Christ

5. Billy Ayers

6. Tony Rezko

7. Bernardine Dohrn

8. Hillary Clinton

9. More to Come - Click my Post Title for more from Larry Johnson

10. Most Americans

11. Alice Palmer - added at 9:56 AM 6/1/08: H/t- Mr. John Rubery - Hawkeyed Reader, Thinker, Marathon Runner, Drinker of Imported and Specialty Domestic Malted Grain Beverages, and Patriot.

Calm Down, Folks. All is OK

The Straight Talk Express driven by Senator John McCain is driving the speed limit in all States -Con No Problemos!

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John Ruberry said...

Alice Palmer.