Monday, May 05, 2008

John McCain: Marty 'See You Next Tuesday' Parrish's Return

The Wholesome Baptist Preacher of Huffington Post who asked Senator McCain a stupid question regarding a loathsome word, objects to the pillory posted last week by your Humble Servant. Click my post title for last week's post.

Boys and Girls, nothing says breakfast like a plateful of Smoked Iowa Landrace Ham! Here is Marty Parrish, Iowa Business Person and self-styled Baptist Theologian and his riposte to my post: Marty, as Horace once said, neither you nor your lines pass the Finger Test.

Ladies and Gentlemen Marty Parrish in Verse!

TheComputerGuy said...
You are a dick.

Rhymes with chick.

See if it sticks.

I can do poems too.

Marty Tarrel Parrish

My number is not six six six.

Turd does not rhyme with dick's chick.

Or should a say chick's dick.

Hey, in all honesty, I did not think politics could be this fun.


I am.

Marty Tarrel Parrish
Cosmic Christ
1:03 AM

Marty, may I humbly submit:

To Marty Parrish: A Baptist Biden Boeotian

This mornin is startin'
with rhymes from young Martin,
Who uttered a terrible Word.

This Baptist was reachin'
In the thin guise of preachin'
Gynecological slur how absurd

To a Hero whose wife,
Is his partner for Life,
Young Martin was casting the hideous Word.

The Word does not matter,
The intent or the chatter
Parrish bunted was Nation-wide heard.

A sneaky wee fellow,
Biden Time 'cause he's yellow,
Marty Parrish was tagged out at Third.

Now the 'Change' folks might say,
Parrish meant good that day,
But Folks he's a slimy wee Nerd.

4:58 AM


TheComputerGuy said...

Pretty good, if I may say so myself.

My name is actually Marty Tarrel

I was named Marty.

It comes from the word "Martyr."

At least that is what my dad, Dr. Tarrel Lee Parrish, a thirty year American Missionary Baptist Association pastor thought. The ABC, American Baptist Convention, is a little more conservative than the Southern Baptist Convention folks, so I moved my membership from my dad's church at Aubrey, AR to First Baptist Church in West Memphis.

There is no way the ABC would put up with me saying the word "damn" unless I was talking about were lost souls are going if they don't have Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior from having called upon the name of the lord as I did at seven years old and saying save me god for i'm going to hell if you dont straight there in fact...and I kept mumbling and rambling like that till my dad, about three days later, took me aside at home and asked me if i was serious.

I was dead serious. Cause if i died that night, my goose was cooked.


Anonymous said...

Marty Parrish...I know him from West Memphis, AR.

Message to Marty...Brother, I question if your head is on correctly! To confess your convictions(your love for Christ), and then speak the way you did at the McCain meeting...I know a word for it...its called "hypocrite!"