Friday, May 16, 2008

It's A Small International Workers Paradise After All! ObamaInternationalistas Ayers/Jefe Chavez/FARC & Etc.

It Takes a Village of Idiots to help snakes this big!

Billy Ayers, the Trust Funded, Insulated, Media Pampered Hyde Park Domestic Terrorist, who still, mercy sakes alive, has a job at University of Illinois Chicago Campus is the tack on the chair of Senator Obama's Senate Seat.

Senator Obama is up and moving about the country weaving rhetorical flourishes to the people who think that Stanley Fish matters and that MSNBC provides information. While Senator Obama has been out of his seat, Illinois laughing-stock and Check Kiting Bob Creamer's Bonnie Parker, Congressperson Jan Schakwosky is trolling for the chair - which would be Jan's via appointment from Governor Rod Blagojevich.

The Guv has problems. Jan Schakowsky, like most self-absorbed posers, is unaware of her problems. Her husband, Bob Creamer recently got out of the Federal Pen in Terra Haute, Indiana for check kiting and immediately wrote a boffo book on Progressive Politics and ran Camp Obama for the Obama -Jugend. Jan Schakowsky wants Obama's Senate Seat and the Kite Runner knows that Jan couldn't get five votes beyond her district and so she needs to knead the Guv's temples while he is still semi-comatose.

Following me so far? Hey, this is what comes of talking to the well-read neighbors: Chicago Cops, Firefighters, teachers, tradesmen, housewives, housedads, lay-abouts and Twenty-Something Impecunious,Sponge off the Folks for a Few Years Obama Backers. People who read widely, listen and watch the news and filter out the nonsense with their Faith, Patriotism and Life Experiences. Shucks, us folks get on the porch and have us just a thunderous round of weighty assessments on the life public.

Very smart Internet journalists like Anne Leary the Backyard Conservative and John Rubery the Marathon Pundit have been studying up on the oafish Ayers and his odious wife Bernadine Dohrn for years. Not only that Dohrn has played a crucial role helping to orchestrate the undermining of confidence in the American Justice System from her insulated perch at Northwestern University Law. She has also traveled often to Columbia, which is undergoing assaults from Communists terrorists of FARC - which is a Spanish acronym for Revolutionary Army of Columbia and is supported by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez who fancies himself a later- Castro.

Another journalist by the name of Doug Ross has been keeping an eye on Chicago's Brahmin Bolsheviks (Dohrn and Ayers) and has noted Senator Obama's very tangible part in this international intrigue - I always wanted to say that, damn! Here's the executive summary of Doug Ross's exhaustive study.

Executive Summary: Barack Obama's relationship with former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers appears to go beyond their Woods Fund board membership. Even today, Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, sound utterly unrepentant over their attempts to overthrow the U.S. government in order to install a pro-communist regime.

Perhaps coincidentally, Obama's name was recently discovered on a captured FARC computer. In the documents, FARC -- Colombia's brand of pro-communist terrorists -- implied that it had met with Obama's representatives to secure his support after the election. Interestingly, Dohrn has traveled to Colombia in the recent past in order to organize against Colombia's pro-U.S. government. Is it possible that Dohrn served as a cutout between Obama and FARC? That much is not yet clear, but the question deserves to be asked.

As True as the numbers when I step on the scale, Doug! But those questions will go unasked by the Chicago Media, with the exception of John Kass. Barack Obama's Senate seat has a huge tack resting point up by the name of Billy Ayers. That point designates overt cooperation with radicals, communists and terrorists who seek to harm America. Senator Obama's name was found in a back-pack containing a computer with a treasure trove of damning evidence as to Hugo Chavez' active role violating Columbia's sovereignty. Interpol announced yesterday that computer files with this information are valid.

Senator Obama's association with Ayers and Dohrn is far more dangerous and of consequence than the goofiness of Reverend Wright. The Ayers tack on Senator Obama's seat will pierce right through the heart of his campaign.

Click my post title for the link to Doug Ross's full text along with several others, but for good solid home grown studies look to Anne Leary and John Rubery.

BTW- Chicago Tribune researcher Brenda Killanski wrote a wonderful piece on the Ayers/Obama link-up and she should be writing more on this story, but the Medill Mafia at the Tribune seems to prefer to further insulate Ayers and by extension Obama. Give them a jingle or drop them a note.

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