Monday, July 04, 2016

Ms. Kennedy Townsend Asks,"What Should A Powerful Woman Look Like?" Golda Meir

I just finished reading an essay by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in the New York Times and boy are my arms tired.

There is always room for another thought piece by a Kennedy.  Ms. Kennedy-Townsend, or her DNC approved ghost, writes about her aunt Eunice Kennedy Shriver, herself, gives Sarah Palin a sexist jab,  and beggers logic as she relates a taxi drivers' wish for Hillary's White House gambit, because " she's hot"

Into this mish-mosh of "remember your Kennedys"  Kennedy Townsend lards out the paragraphs with Progessive playbook memes like America is intrinsically as sexist as it is nasty in all ways, because we burn women as witches, because of Christianity and only Christians put women onthe Kingsford and pastes a few sexist quotes from Aquinas and Tertullian, as well as John Adams, ending with the suggestion that Hillary will show American Girls how to be a powerful world leader.

That was an exhausting ten minutes.

Angela Merkel is not much of a world leader.  Hillary Clinton much less so.

Margaret Thatcher was adequate to her times.

Golda Meir is the Gold Standard - a substantial human being of heart, talent and experience.

She beat the Arab world still under the Nazified paw of the Palestinian madman the Grand Mufti.

She was as homely as Ben Gurion and as witty as Churchill.  Golda Meir was wonder woman long before the hoity-toity skanks of Manhattan began burning the 32 Z Playtex-es holding up their knee knockers and can't wait to see more babies aborted.

Golda Meir was no lightweight like too many Template Women in Politics (think Pelosi, Clinton, Palin, Wasserman Schultz, Boxer, Kennedy Townsend).  Mrs, Meir knew manure from mascara and once said, " We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel."

That is a powerful woman. 

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