Saturday, July 30, 2016

Every Cop in Chicago and Every Citizen of Chicago Should Support and Help Commander Glenn Evans

Much of recent history is now, practically speaking, unfalsifiable. Those who criticize the official narratives are fined or imprisoned. Free historical inquiry is dead; therefore, received historical narratives must be regarded with the same skepticism as ancient mythology or religious narratives. Anonymous from American Historical Association: James MacPherson defense of historical revisionism September 2003

History was always written by the victors and occasionally by people who valued the truth.  That came to a screeching halt in American universities in the 1970's.  That marked the rise of received historical narratives.  Simply put, the victory of Howard Zinn History - America is fundamentally wrong, racist, reactionary, sexist and priest ridden.

Take the Battle of Fort Dearborn Park in the south loop, as an example.  Recently, a Chicago Police Officer  was shot near the above mentioned park.  One of my neighbors, a CPD professional, remarked," Never heard of the Battle of Dearborn. Fort Dearborn Massacre, but no battle."  I agreed, but noted that  a small group of people determined that the word "Battle" was hurtful to John Low of Pokagon band of the Potowattomi Tribe and that the aggrieved demanded that history be erased and the hopelessly flawed Chicago Encylopedia's James Grossman could not be happier.

In the 1980s, the statue was acquired by the city, which moved it back to the neighborhood when the Prairie Avenue community began to be revitalized in the 1990s. Subsequently, it was again removed and placed in city storage, ostensibly to conserve it, where it remains.
The alderman's warning came true: Naming the park for Black Partridge was vetoed by various Native American organizations, including the American Indian Center. Once Black Partridge was out of the running, "Ft. Dearborn Massacre," wasn't a viable candidate.
"'Massacre' is such a judgmental word," Low said. "We discussed how, from another perspective, you might call it 'Victory Park.'"
Feldstein recalled the delicate negotiations it took to find a compromise acceptable to all parties.
"I got an unbelievable history lesson," she said
Others are less sure of what the lesson is. Grossman is pleased with the name change, from massacre to battle. He thinks it corrects a bias in the story of how the West was won -- and lost.
"If you look at standard texts, when the Indians win, it's a massacre," Grossman said. "But when the Americans win, it's a battle."
But Crimmins is troubled by the snub to Black Partridge -- and Chicago history, as he sees it.
"Historical revisionism typically takes heroes from the past and makes villains of them," Crimmins said. "As long as I write about it, I'm going to call it the Ft. Dearborn Massacre."
Remember that everything is for sale - Comiskey Park, Sears Tower, Chicago history, marriage.

Law Enforcement has been reduced to a yard sale, by revisionists and narrative architects.

Yesterday, one man fought back. Commander Glenn Evans filed suit against The City of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel's Independent Police Review Board (IPRB) and . . .my favorite . . .WBEZ.

The here you have the Leftist combine - Progressive politicians, appointed Good Government Citizens Blue Ribbon Activists and the Left Tilted Public Radio apparatus.

Commander Evans was lynched by people who see nooses everywhere as tools for public power and personal financial gain.  The so-called Innocence Industry pumps blood into print and fabricates compelling narrative doctrines to be blared from the pages of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times and screeched by panelists on WTTW, or WBEZ.  Lawyers apply the narratives while judge shopping and in preparing cases brought against police officers. Politicians pander and provide street cash for T-shirts and future Pfleger-ite marches.

Every Police Officer in this city run by clowns and grifters should line up to offer any and help to the lawyers of Glenn Evans. His small victory might prevent the continuing Star Chamber attacks on working people doing their jobs.

Most of all Chicago citizens should study the Glenn Evans case carefully and note the rhetorical flourishes throughout each article, news cast and statement by activists and politicians.  Make note of the similarities.  Make a time-line of events and paste in the characters involved, like the former cop disciplined by Commander Evans turned IPRB investigator and the WBEZ reporter playing David Protess.  Make note of a particularly damning article in DNAinfo Chicago. Draw your own conclusion.

Know this - Truth is tough and narratives are as easy as lying. A nice name for fiction.  There were not six Transgender Aztec Garment Workers putting up the flag on Iwo Jima - not yet anyway. Iwo Jima was not a property dispute, by the way.

Chicago owes much to Commander Glenn Evans

This was a the massacre of a Man's life. 

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