Sunday, July 03, 2016

Bruce Dold - Does The Chicago Tribune Want The World To Believe That Rahm's CPD is Not Diverse?

Saturday - Police roll call

It must have pained Bruce Dold not to photo shop this photo by Chris Sweda with the officers gowned in Klan Robes, but that might have spoiled the narrative.

I wondered if the demographics in the Mayor's CPD HR might be misleading the public, as much as the narrative framed by editorial bosses of Chicago's big metropolitan newspapers that Chicago's disgraceful homicides are in every due to Chicago Police Officers wearing blue shirts.

The Department and the swell folks of the Police Accountability Review Board insist that Chicago Police Department is comprised of  more white personnel (6,832) than Black (4,010) and Hispanic (2,576) combined.   I was led to believe that numbers somehow matched the City's demographic.

What about Japanese, Chinese, Sikh, Indian, Montenegrin, Kiowa, Parthian and Pacific Islander Americans?

Anyway.  Bruce Dold, the Chicago Tribune Editor Boss-in-Chief signs off on the copy ( texts and Photos) that some Chicago readers swallow whole - others choke on the lard.

Bruce Dold is the Boss Editor and Rahm Emanuel is Jefe of Chicago: the Banana Republic - if you are unclear what exactly a banana republic is watch some old black and white movies from the 1930's -the 1950's, where tough and great hearted guys wearing white panama suits and guns to oppressed people in the tropics - Black and Hispanic, or both as in Hispaniola.

One disturbing image struck me early this 4th of July Weekend.  That is the one posted above that indicates via a two dimensional narrative art display that robust and hefty white ethnic Law Enforcement Officers armed with assault rifles are ready, willing and able to inflict 5.56x45 Ammo Social Injustice on minority populations.
Friday - Fulton Street

I know there are almost as many proud Black men and woman on the job, as there are Murphys, Fassanos, Balauskases and Stankiewiczes, and I know that they are not on vacation given the " I am sick of this!" violence form African American Super and his Hispalnic Deputy.  Are they all working the phones?  No sir, Mr. Bruce.  They are on the street putting their lives in hazzard for their neighbors. To suggest otherwise, is racist.  That could keep you off the list at City Club and WTTW.

In fact, the entire photo spread seems to indicate the same narrative worthy of George Lucas's White Storm Troopers from Star Wars - lighter shades of pale, G!
Saturday - California Avenue

In fact, only less than literal handful of African American, or Hispanic police officers are in any way visible.

Bruce Dold.  The picture tells the story, don't it?

You seem to be telling the world a huge fib, Bruce.  Rahm Emanuel would not promote a notion that the systemic racism, crafted by Peoples Law Office Commisar G. Flint Taylor and force fed to social justice engineers in packing the pumps at the Sun Times and Chicago Tribune, is still out there boosting death by gun violence.

Or, would he and you?

Race Hate is everyone else's problem in the compelling narratives that boost the elites of the Chicago Oligarchy.  The oligarchs must divide the diversity in order to hold power.

That is some compelling narrative, Bruce.

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CurrentChoices said...

PHOTO was a D U M B idea......military arms in non-soldiers' arms is always a poor PR stunt!!
Be it civilian merchants after Rodney King fiasco, Ferguson nonsense, Baltimore etc etc
GOD Bless the THIN BLUE Line......New Centurions.