Monday, July 11, 2016

The Late Abner Mikva - The Architect of Chicago, Illinois and the Nation

Mikva and Obama

"God bless that man. Abner Mikva is a national treasure, one that has lived long enough with a front row seat to history to cut through the bull and identify what is most important in these hours of decision." Daily Kos
Chicago mayors. “I was never a fan of Richard J. Daley, he was never a fan of mine, and I thought the city didn’t work well under him. It worked well in the Loop, but out in the neighborhoods the city was in pretty bad shape. I didn’t think Jane Byrne did much to improve the situation. I was very impressed with the job Richard M. Daley did spreading out the goodies of Chicago to the entire city. A lot of the groundwork for that was laid in the Harold Washington campaign. Richie kept up with that and I think Rahm Emanuel has done a good job in that respect. It’s very hard — being mayor of a big city like Chicago is one of the hardest jobs in the country.” in Andy Shaw's BGA Watchdogs

The intial quotation is from Daily Koss,  shorty after President Elect Barack H. Obama, announced the appointment of Hillary R. Clinton for Secretary of State and there was some mild concern wafting among the Media about foreign dollars stuffing the Clinton Foundation.  Abner Mikva, who along with Newton "Vast Waste Land" Minow discovered young Barack Obama among the reeds in the Washington Park Lagoon and casting pond, wrapped in swaddling clothes and dreaming of his Dad  and Lo, beheld the consummation of their long lives.

The second quote is from  Abner Mikva wedged into a column by Andy Shaw, a local news nit-wit and public laughing stock. head of the Better Government (BGA), local gate-keepers for the corporatist Democratic and GOP oligarchs of Illinois and public laughing stock.

The quote is not only historically wrong, but oozes with an irony worthy of most self-absorbed sould-patched and knit-capped Wicker Park activist hispster born of hearty Kennilworth hedge-fund stock and really committed to Occupy Anything, Black Lives Matter and any group thought meme-stock found in Reasonable People Unite.  They make Trump wanna holler, Dude!

Actually, I believe in my heart of hearts that Donald Trump wants Hillary Clinton in the White House more than Chuck Todd and the late Abner Mikva.

Abner Mikva was a mighty man and he built a political machine that made Richard J. Daley's Ward works seem like an NAACP bake sale in Kaskaskia, Illinois.

Black people flocked to Chicago (Second Migration) all through Richard J. Daley's terms as mayor and Black families began the great Black Flight out of Chicago with Richard M. Daley's advent.  That is because opportunities for employment, a home, an education and a path into the middle class was available, because policies Mikva's Hyde Park Mafia* converted Richie Daley to implement are designed to destroy the middle class.

Yes, siree Bob! The Mikva Challenge, the Shakman Empire, University of Chicago sanctioned City Hall, Lawsuit Lotteries, Garbage Grids, TIFFS, Single Narrative Media Voice ( WTTW,WGN, WBBM, ABC 7, NBC 5, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Values, International Socialists Organization control of Chicago Teachers Union.

Abner Mikva birthed Toni Preckwinkle, Jan Schakowsky, Pat Quinn, Mike Quigley, Larry Suffredin, Proco Joe Moreno, Rahm Emanuel, the late Dawn Clark Netsch, Barabar Flynn Curry, Larry Bloom, Bill Singer, Rod Blagojevich, Bobby Rush, Danny Davis, Jesse Jackson, Jr., . . . name a daffy, mean-spirited, humorless, slow-witted, avaricious and capacity challenged elected official and you can bet the last pennies in your pension that Abner Mikva 'straightened them out' for the Hyde Park Mafia.

Yes, Abner Mikva made Chicago, Cook County and Illinois what they are today and wait until you see America in four more years,

* University of Chicago and Northwestern University schools of Business, Law, Social Sciences, IVI-IPO, CPUSA, ISO, 501(c)3 Foundation -MacArthur, Polk, Woods, & etc, People Law . . .Editorial Boards, Bill Ayers, Berardine Dorhn, Valerie Jarrett, Judson Miner. Allison Davis,  and so many more.

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