Wednesday, July 06, 2016

From "Are YOU Ready for Hillary?" to " Get Used to It" Our Orwellian Media Magic

Me, I don't have a dog in this fight.  I will pick a mutt in November and it will not be named Hillary.

Maybe, it won't even be named Donald.

What I do know, or, rather believe, is that this process of electing the President of the United States was corrupted in 2008 and only got worse.

From the faux Presidential Seal of 2008 and the Doric columns of the Obama Campaign to the North Carolina Passing of The Crown by Obama to Hillary, less than a few hours after FBI Director James Comey granted non-penitent Hillary Clinton a plenary indulgence and signalled the inevitable Presidency of Hillary Clinton (Old #45) things have been rigged, fixed, a done deal.  The Justice Department sealed the deal and Supreme Court is cool with things as they are since January, 2009.

The American Media rigged the 2008 and 2012 Elections for Barack Obama and also his third term to completed by Hillary Clinton. A very few, Like Chicago Tribune's John Kass, a man who only respects his readers, but actually likes most of us, are exceptions. Kass knows what it means to do real work, live with real consequences and for other people.  Most people in print, or on screens seem to detest all of us.

John Kass writes, . "The arc of the moral universe is long," shouted the freshly unindicted Hillary Clinton at a Democratic rally in North Carolina, with President Barack Obama at her side and the FBI behind her in her dust, "but it bends toward justice."
She nodded in triumphant agreement with herself, her head moving up and down, chin stabbing the air, a righteous bobblehead Hillary reaching for the presidency of the United States.
Clinton attributed the phrase to Obama, but he'd taken it from Martin Luther King Jr., who years before had taken it from the abolitionist Theodore Parker, who didn't live to see justice bend, dying before the Civil War.
Morality is just a word to some, a word for politicians at rallies to rationalize the grabbing of power. And if there's one thing the Clintons are about, besides lies, it is power.. . . So if this truly were a moral universe, those words would have turned to wasps in Hillary's mouth.

I have almost no regard for Donald Trump, whom I have despised as a lout, huckster and charlatan for decades.

I have less for Mrs. Clinton.

I have no regard for the cheer leading Goebels-clones - the Journolists, the Ted Turner circus animals, the MSNBC clown car and the editorial boards that have gulped the Progressive Soup, destroyed the American two-party system, divided neighbors and families, fanned the flames for a Race War if not a Class War, created an American Banana Republic and murdered history.

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Mick Kelly said...

Pat, i had an empty feeling most of the day yesterday. I felt as if a close friend had died. It had, the concept the lady justice is blind, died an ignominious death at the hands of elitist politicians in full view of the world. I, as a proud American, am sickened, saddened and embarrassed. I did have a Top Secret clearance. I was well schooled in the protection of classified documents. My training,albeit 45 years ago,advised me of the criminal consequences of mishandling such information. I can only imagine the laws have gotten much stricter now. I am praying to St Jude for our country.