Thursday, July 14, 2016

Be Like Bill Nye the Science Guy! He's Not Fat

 Bill Nye The Science Guy: Room Temparture I.Q. and The Personality of a Dial Tone.

More BS from the Social Engineers( the dweebs we locked in lockers during high school) - For years Progressives have hated
  • tobacco smokers,
  • automobile owners
  • families with many (more than two) kids (Breeders)
  • people who eat sugar, meat, fois gras
  • tax-payers
  • patriots who honor people of Valor and not necessarily Activists
  • people who like to play team sports like football, where a bunch of Fa . . .husky gents make skinny guys look good 
and have done their level best, via " American Progressive Alchemy - social science surveys, games studies and polling" to not only make people, not like them ( NYT readers, NPR 'Fun' Folks, John Anderson Voters, Gym Joiners, Cycle Fascists, Vegans, IPA snobs, rain barrel cranks, soul patch and knit cap donners, members of NON-Judgmental religions: Atheism, Unitarians, Pat Quinn Petition signers and Hooka Pipers) doubt themselves but,at least, disappear from the public dialog.

The meme be - if lithe, liberal intellectual and entitled to cycle in violation of all laws of traffic and physics: a healthy, patrician - one of us and there are so feeeeeeeeYOU of us. If corpulent, cornball, common, bigoted, bloated, bourgeoise, and too stupid to live, let alone breed.

Now, the Bike Nazis and East Bank Gym Gold Card Members have a new study telling their enemies - tubbies, guys with Dunlop's Disease, lard-asses, porkers, tenth of a ton-ers -that, If one is fat, having eaten real butter with popcorn and the odd Big Gulp while watching the latest Michael Moore snoozer, chances are one is dumb

Fat people are less intelligent than people with a normal weight, a provocative study claims.Overweight men and women have less grey and white matter in key areas of the brain.They also have greater impulsivity and ‘altered reward processing’, the study said.The researchers said that their findings could explain why overweight people make poor diet choices - they do not have the mental capacity to control themselves.Nor are they able to stop themselves from making poor choices when the do eat something.The theory is likely to prove controversial as weight loss campaigners have emphasised that each individual has different reasons for their struggle with their body.
Oh, eat me!

Justin Bieber, Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Karadshians, Miley Cyrus are room temperature I.Q.s

People are different - you know " White Men Can't Jump!" Yuck, yuck, yuck, Wheeeee Doggie that's a knee slapper!
Here are but a few heavy weights who belie this latest scientific progressive Proofs of Life!!!!!! It's a science, Dude!

 G.K. Chesterton
 Antoinin Scalia
 Samuel Johnson
 Henry James and the Shondells
Edward Gibbons

Science is a tool of the arts meant for widening dialog to people of intellectual heft and perhaps a few stone more than Bill Nye.

Science is an end to people who want something to be true and don't want to think for themselves and want conversation to cease.

Fat Guys do not doubt Climate Change; they merely bother to read more and think for themselves.

Yep, White Men Can't Jump. That kills me. Black Men Can't Get a Hat Trick.

( that must be the racism of a fat guy)

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