Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shameful Things I Haven't Done

I am a deeply flawed man, a sinful man, a willful man, an arrogant man and a crabby man, given close to immediate proximity to jackasses in shoes and socks.

I have done many shameful things in my life.

But I have never

  • Blamed it on the Bossa Nova'
  • Partied like it's 1999
  • Taken my Hat off to Larry
  • Cried a Little, Before the Clouds Rolled By a Little
  • Demanded that Rhonda Help Me.
  • Checked my weapons at the Door
  • Paid My Quarter
  • Burned my Leather on The Floor
  • Grabbed Anyone's Daughter
  • Asked Alice
  • Flew Down to Rio
  • Gave Peace a Chance
  • Played that Funky Music
  • Rode the Pony
  • Did Watusi, Like My Little Lucy
  • Did Jerk, nor Watched Me Work
  • Saw the Harbor Lights
  • Took the A Train
  • Drove by Mary's Place
  • Lived in a Yellow Submarine
  • Did Mickey's Monkey
  • Thanked the Lord for the Nightime
  • Day Dream Believed
  • Booga-loo'd Down Broadway
  • Took the Midnight Train Georgia
  • Grooved on a Sunny Afternoon
  • Sock'd it to Baby
  • Dug Good Vibrations
  • Went Off to See The Wizard
  • Loaded 16 Tons
  • Ferried Across the Mersey
  • Asked the Lonely

These, I do not need to hangdown my head about and cry.  

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