Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let The Farce Be With Us! Rahm's Death Star Zaps Ol' Dan'l Burnham.

Star Wars Storm Trooper characters cross the street outside the NASDAQ Market Site in New York's Times Square
 Members of Chicago Bureau of Revenue 2015?
For now, at least, Emanuel is promising not to devote taxpayers money to a museum that will house Lucas’ formidable collection of artwork and film-making memorabilia if Chicago wins a heated competition with Lucas’ home town of San Francisco.
 Spielfogel said the Star Wars creator, who is married to Chicago businesswoman Mellody Hobson, will be offered a long-term lease for $1-a-year. But there will be no taxpayer subsidy, unlike the $30 million in annual support the Chicago Park District provides for 11 other museums on park land. ( Emphasis: The FORCE) 
In a City far, far from reality and long. long from history comes this latest tale of Super-Egos riding the backs of Helots* ( dull, hard-working, religious family centered taxpayers and home owners) until they go the way of those little sand critters in monk outfits from the first Star Wars movie.

Parking?  Remember Parking? That was a common feature to neighborhoods. The automobile was means of conveyance for workers and their families which was afforded a place in front of their homes on the paved streets of this city free of charge near the residences, but with a modest tax on streets designated and zoned for commercial use.  Automobile drivers are not loved and barely tolerated.

Five acres of public parking on Chicago's lakefront and south of Soldier Field are being offered to a Hollywood mogul and his Chicago businesswoman domestic partner: George Lucas and Mellody Hobson.
Mrs. Lucas is a product of Princeton and John Rogers's Ariel Investements (Desiree Rogers/Arne Duncan are Ariel Alumni).

Ariel/Rogers, in the spirit of Michael Sneed, is Thisssss  Close to the Obama White House and closer still to Chicago's City Hall.

Chicago was a city of neighborhoods.

Chicago is being smart-sized into a hipster strip-mall

Chicago is not your grand daddy's Chicago.  You pay to park, you pay to drive, you pay to drink water, you pay-to-play, you pay to ride, you pay to keep lawyers wealthy,  You pay.

What do you get?

  1. Violent crimes per capita from the FBI’s 2011 Uniform Crime Report
  2. Average unemployment rate between 2010 and 2012
  3. RealtyTrac's 2012 foreclosure rate for the city
  4. Income taxes
  5. Property tax rates based on median real estate taxes paid and median home values in 2011 per the U.S. Census
  6. The change in median home prices between 2009 and 2012
  7. Median commute times to work for 2011 based on U.S. Census data
  8. Weather - temperature, precipitation, and humidity and 9. -Net Migration
 Property Taxes/Water Taxes/Utility Taxes/Speed Camera Taxes all help keep Helots down and huddled away in their close-knit ethnic, or minority-ignored neighborhoods.  Isolation is the first step in the process.

The property being bartered for Daniel Burnham's lake front parks of the people, for people and by the people of Chicago is where Bear Fans tailgate.  Now, that is going the way of coin ($.25) operated parking meters, because the domestic spouse of an Ariel Investments player made some space man movies that turn carbon foot-prints into role-playing zombies.

* Helots - Helots always could dream of being emancipated, and we know that the Spartan government did indeed sometimes liberate groups of helots. They were known as neodamôdeis and had the right to serve in the Spartan army, which also meant that they shared in the spoils. Former helots are also recorded as rowers.

The system collapsed in the fourth century. In 371, the Theban commander Epaminondas defeated the Spartans at Leuctra, and later, he invaded the Peloponnese, where he liberated the helots of Messenia. The helots of Laconia appear to have been emancipated later by the reformer kings Cleomenes III (235-222) and Nabis (207-192).

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